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    forgot to return for result.
    result is good, the 16GB is running smoothly, no sudden scrashes anymore or buffering issues.

    I am a happy camper again.

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    opkg clean will remove those files.

    Thanks i will place this info in “my how to folder”

    I tested some things:
    i needed to lowformat the SD with SD CardFormatter of the original failed image because of write problems by not enough space. (i couldend write a older backup on that SD of 8Gb)
    after it formatted back to one partition it worked.
    I upgraded with opkg and lett all add-ons update and did a full library scan which resulted in a less then 200Mb free space on the SD (somewhere in systems i could see this.
    It was struggling and stopped repeatable a 720p mp4 for buffering. so i run a database cleaner which solved that problem.
    So al this together points out to a full SD, so i will instal a clean image (latest) on a 16Gb (just got in the mailbox) to see if all will be fine.

    One thing i am still a bit confused about:
    using the addon “Backup” does give problems if you upgrade and not re-new this backup in with the upgraded kodi version. It got corrupted by old scripting(?) of the add-on info backup and library over a newer version.
    I understand this now but forgetting a backup after upgrade is a common mistake.
    So how do i make a failsafe flowchard for upgrading kodi and using a backup other then reading a image with Win32diskimager?
    Or is reading a clone of the SD (before upgrading and if succeeded als o after upgrading) the only way to insure a good backup?

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    i think its 8gb limitation (really just full and no space to write new entries) and a long library and many add and deletes. (It seems that the loggingdata of the entries not been deleted if i delete a entrie by using remove from library in kodi, (for instance a movie)

    So i took a older image full installed, place that in and opkg update that first before reinstalllocations and import library again.
    (less actions on that library so less data to store.)
    If its working then i put a clean install 16GB in the cubox and rebuild it from scratch (clean and no hickups i hope like buffering and spontanious reboots)
    32Gb was a bit over the top i think. (And risk of read/write problem, something about max size storage in FAT.)
    keep you posted


    J the y power usb2.0 cable did the trick.
    the harddrive is working again. with out ticking. tree structure faster.

    Stupid is didn’t think about this earlier. power consumption.


    1 cuboxi : (USB 2.0 = max. 500 mA)
    “The average power requirements for a 2,5″ HDD with 7,200 RPM is ~ 1.75 Watts (read/write), whereas a 5,400 HDD with the same form factor requires ~ 1,70 Watts (read/write).”

    You could be(probably are) right, stupid of me to forget about this, but it worked for a wile so i didn’t think about that.
    Will a double cable stuck in both usb ports help out? A so called y-cable
    USB 2.0 Y cable adapter(two males and one female to plug in the original cable. (its a usb3.0 drive BTW does that matter for the 2.0 y cable choise?)
    in this case no because the cuboxi is 2.0 so no pain there.

    1B) i can test with a external powered one (a oldy 3.5″) to see if that works with out problems. but i prefer option y cable.

    2 yes, but if i throwout the extenal drive and do a library cleanup all manual added things in title or thubnails of the content of that external drive are gone after re scanning. Bringing a lot of manual editting πŸ™‚

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    question 2: (if it is KODI who’s causing the problem: (if i do a library clean up al manualy added images of the videos on the usb hd are gone an i have to do that again.) wil a fresh inread of the disk help?

    Nope, still ticking, slow read access.

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    Ok,yes the fact it is running “blind” without any visual action that’s indeed annoying.

    Yes the list is complete and i did a opkg update with PuTTy including full log. (it mentioned a lot of removal of not needed files.) after reboot all userdata was still there. So i recon i don’t need to install the backup file.

    And that PuTTy opkg way is not that difficult after you know what to expect.
    This would be my new way of updating. πŸ™‚


    in reply to: latest update very big? #11883

    If not here is it again:
    @Tomlohave: GeeXboX devel 20160728 (kernel: linux 3.14.79) Kodi 16.1 Git:8~beac347-5
    last use of GeeXboX updater was 1 or 2 months ago i think. (can’t remember i normally do this one’s a wile)

    @warped rudi : I did it the first time (post start date, and let this updater run through the night and day and rebooted next day in the evening by powersource because it didn’t showed “ok” and it was lockes in updaterwindow but “active”) (after a small hikup it restarted and worked normal πŸ™‚ J so 20 hours waiting should be enough i think.

    ( to day i did a sd img backup before i started “Geexbox Updater” let it run for 9 hours and the banner below was still running/scrolling it still react to my command’s only i couldend get out of updater window because “ok” wasn’t showed yet. then it is locked to that window. I had to reboot by power source and Geexbox did came up normal and nothing showed in kodi log viewer what happend. inly strange thing it showed in log and in kodi events 01.01.1970 (!) wile GeeXboX home screen was showing correct time.
    All shortcuts and other visual addon’s on the screen where still there no settings where corrupted.

    @warped rudi: is it possible that the GeeXboX updater v1.1.3 addon go’s in a “time out” by reaching out to the wrong place (you got a new server) and can’t proceed any further? Or is somehow that “repair” out nov 2014 overwrittn in a former addon update?

    to see if i needed a hughe update the PuTTy list:
    updated source “snapshots”
    busybox 1:1.24+1~5c23f25-5 – 1:1.26.2+1~ee72302-2
    Nano – 2.3.2-4 – 2.8.3-1
    openssl – 1.0.2j-1 – 1.0.21-1
    Python 2.712-3 – 2.7.13-1
    Kodi jarvis 16.1 beac347-5 to beach347-6

    (sorry for the post after post)

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    in reply to: latest update very big? #11882

    (hmm , that’s strange i see post 4 30 min ago, but in detail only 3. my latest response is not visible for me. it is possible my mistake))
    ok edit for PuTTy uses:
    i found some How To
    1) login in Cubox with PuTTy (code 1 opkg update, code 2 list-upgradeble, code 3 OPKG upgrade)
    extra info it seems that you need to backup userdata. (filezilla?)
    replace after update backed up xml and userdata.

    found this also:
    The XBMC Backup Addon

    This is a real quick way to export your XBMC data to another folder or network share for backup purposes. Scheduling, compressing,and having a max number of archived backups are also configurable options. This allows you to use the addon as a completely hands off backup solution. The types of files you can backup from XBMC include:
    β€’ User Addons – Addon’s you’ve downloaded
    β€’ Addon Data – Settings associated with your addons
    β€’ Database – The SQLite Databases
    β€’ Playlists – Your playlist folder
    β€’ Thumbnails/Fanart – downloaded images
    β€’ Config Files – sources.xml, guisettings.xml, advancedsettings.xml, etc
    β€’ Up to 2 non-xbmc directories on your local system

    So if i am correct i just can do a “XBMC-backup” start up PuTTy configure, login in cubox/geexbox do the 3 commands and restore backup with xbmc-backup.

    (i assume my former post is visible for you)

    in reply to: GeeXboX on arm soc my kids love it! #10899

    Thanks both for the time,

    1) music slideshow, thanks, no need for hurry, it is just a luxary option. would be nice if it is possible.
    (maybe some Kodi forum guy’s knows a working addon if so maybe it can be placed in the repositorylist for easy install.)
    I found [url=]this[/url] and when i have some spare time i test this bit of programming. (just make a new clean SD write and just ad this mod and music to if if it is working then it can maybe added into the Geexbox build img as a extra skin choise?

    2) oh im sorry, i was referring to the fact that the players/drivers for a still(photo.jpeg) and for a video.mkv are dedicated to the folder which is connected to the tab “images” and “video”. i would like a simple videoplayer ( no scrapers or other controle buttons needed) which is started if the slideshow addon stumble on a video file (mp4/achvd) inside the photofolder, play’s this videocontent and go’s back to still(jpeg) if this is the next file. So if you have a mixed content in one folder it can be shown in a slide show.

    ffmpeg addon: i found [url=]this[/url] do you know this site? is this a good place for gathering extra addon’s?
    (i use PSE&PRE13 for making a motionfile of mixed content that is nearly autoamtic but you alway’s need to adjust before “develop”)
    3) isn’t important, i can very quick reinstall the shortcuts if it happens but i noticed it wile stumbling around.
    4) yes weather underground is now api (payed) but im not into how this works but is the “google” weather info not free to use? (Also not a big thing.) Yahoo is giving basic info and mostly enough. but i noticed that almost all addons in repository don’t work.
    5) i found info in kodi forum:
    <title>My TV Episode</title>
    <plot>he best episode in the world</plot>
    <epbookmark>200</epbookmark> <!– For media files containing multiple episodes,
    where value is the time where the next episode begins in seconds –>
    <displayseason>3</displayseason> <!– For TV show specials, determines how the episode is sorted in the series –>

    i need to test this for my purpose but it looks promising πŸ™‚

    i think that number “1)” and “2)” is the only thing witch is a package thing (the rest is kodi/skin thing.)

    (don’t spent to much time on this list, those are extra’s)

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    in reply to: GeeXboX Updater add-on still working? #10852

    Indeed the lack of visualisation like a bar 0-100% is given a uncertainty when executed and the “done” isn’t apearing in within a 1/2 hour waiting. a moving bar will give a indication of the progress.
    (please don’t remove, only add a working bar like the one showing when scanning library if anyone can.)
    most of the time it works very well and the other methode with putty is a bit more technical.

    That 28072016 update was probably the hick up (it needed maybe more then a day to replace everything.) so the powerkill because of the long waitingtime did the final blow. system down.

    I did make the fresh 28072016 and the installation of add-ons en personal tasted is going faster every time i need to mend my screwup.

    (i did A WRITE over it so, library is gone πŸ˜‰ no problem needs only a day scanning and some sorting out, is a relaxing thing to do.( But i will do a total sd backup/clone after this on a other SD Γ‘nd to my pc! LOL

    (just need to remember to clone first and update after…..)
    Like jumping out of a plain: FIRST check parachute THEN jump! not otherway around!


    new router installed and the corrupted image, wasn’t corrupted but forced in errors by a faulty connection (copper pin in lanpoort).
    After restart for ip and changing lib locations again in few minutes all library’s did scan and refresh.

    (kodi 15.2 i think)

    (i do the new fresh image build 28-07-2016 al together anyway just to see what the change is but one sd is running flawless.)


    (i noticed (after looking futher) that the link changed from ../xbmc/… to …./kodi/… that’s why the “404” came up.)
    (but now everyone else can find it also quick;-) )
    And thanks for the info about sd flashing indeed i used win32 before, and restoring library with ftp.
    (need to read in about the packages installation procedure again.)

    About the corruption: no, my router died and i had to replace it for a other one witch was in a other range setup. (–.–.2.254 instead of –.–.1.254) and didn’t know that i can change ip range of modem/routers to get the same addresses for all the devices, (sometime you need to learn the hard way).
    The libraryscanner got berserk because of the failer of nass adres.
    ( i tryed to only change the ip and leave the rest alone. that wasn’t possible without long long long waiting times between kliks. after a wile i managed to stop libraryupdate by startup for music and reboot without crash.
    And video and other folders are new but the music folder i deleted but library cleanup was crashing so musicfolder old ip adres is gone new ones (new ip) is made and added to the library (mainfolder not filled yet to prevent overload) but somehow kodi is freeze up for hours when cleanup music library in syteem is activated.
    ( i can let it go overnight this night to see if 8 hours is enough to go to the end.)

    the system is working but because of shitty router slow and with waiting times. video lib is working so only no music. πŸ™‚

    I think i first buy a new router, set up the network correctly and then do a fresh image build up from scratch
    of geexbox kodi. ( i also have a “backup add on file” and a clone of this SD and a image clone on the pc several months old im afraid.)
    So after i set up the new router in the same ip range as before the routerchange (and restore nass ip adres i can replace sd and update by library update and hopefully also use geeXboXupdater to get up to date.
    and then burn the latest snapshot on the corrupted sd to practise installation again wile having a working one πŸ™‚

    The GeeXboX Updater application (i noticed that the icon was changed in a yellow box and arrow) works fine imho , i don’t have a lot of exotic ADD-ons and enjoy the Geexbox as a mediaplayer XXL.

    when i have questions or remarks i will ad in this thread ok?


    sorry can’t find the edit button in the post,

    indeed stupid question: did go to documentation: creating a bootable sd,

    (don’t understand how the “make a sdcard-cubox” file works but in scroll down i found the entry of warped rudi :


    Just a noob question: if library is corrupted (clean up will freeze up because of changed ip adres datafolder all library entries are changed) and reboot by power out in is needed)is there a easy way to replace this for a other (basic) without doing a fresh install? filezilla wil not enter with geexbox and ftp and poort 21.

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    in reply to: library update errors with scrapers #10134

    Update: ive bin struck by lighting! that fired up a bulb…;-)

    its the music video dbscraper wich gives the errors.
    just leave the music video’s folder out of library scanning:=> done!
    probably a failure of reignition of the file name….

    case closed!


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