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    After using the repaired updater im have encountered some flawes or same problems.
    (stil need to update to last nightly build 14 oct.)
    sys info: linux 3.14.14#1 oct 7 21:39 IDT 2014 ARMv7I; XBMC 13.2 compiled sept 30.)

    I’m tested al the compatible weather add-ons and non of them can download the weather reports.
    The one im useing before, Weather underground (3.0.9), is markt as “no longer funcional” in the Repository
    Im not a programmer but it’s looks like that the add-on itselfs work but the acual connection to the site for weather-reports information for downloading isn’t accessible or blocked. It is saying “download weather-report” and stay’s that way.

    one other (small) thing:
    – sometimes after start movie screen jumps to black and sound stil running. in order to correct: or disconnect hdmi and reconnect(sony bravia CEC problem?), or stop movie and restart.


    Well, tested my may compiled version Geexbox:
    Display blacks : same problem, so probable a hdmi connection problem, (Or i can finaly buy a new TV :-P)
    (diss- and reconnect cable gifs image back.(something wrong with the signal/line detection i think.)
    Weather connection: also same problem(calls in defect), so the weather add-on is broken v3.0.9 not the GeexBox build. (how do i know when there is a repaired version? lets say v3.0.10? just look now and then or just keep weather underground installed so it is updating automaticly and goes active again?

    Met Offic gives script broken, and Yahoo! is working on this build. (but crapy: no extra’s: just rain or windy or both…)


    ok this info (from Warped rudi) does say it all: ending WU

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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