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    I’m using GeexBox 1.2.4 (formerly 1.2.3) on a dayly basis. Real good job, simple, efficient, works perfect with my FreeNAS server here. (NFS, UPnP, DAAP). GeexBox is installed as triple boot (Windboob, MDV 2010.2, GeexBox) so I can easily configure it using MDV to adapt the configuration files to my needs. WLAN is achieved through the installed madwifi driver that installed straight out of the box!!! The laptop (Sony GR-215 MP) does not boot on USB, so a simple CD installation alongside other OSes keeps flexibility.

    GeexBox 2.0 and 3.0 are regrettably different! Eye-popping gimmicks, shiny design that jeopardises the computers performances, and at last but not least, an installer that wipes all datas away from the HDD where the system is “installed”… As for me, and probably most users, a useless concept!

    Who wants to BUY A NEW BOX specially dedicated to a media renderer? Not me… So please integer a real installer with partitionning options again in the next release! Nevermind of Lilo or Grub (though Grub is preferred as most distros nowadays use it).

    Ciao @+

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