GeeXboX ISOs are ready-to-burn disc images containing the bootable GeeXboX Operating System for multimedia entertainment. Casino non aams redefine entertainment with a diverse array of games and features. From classic table games to innovative slots, they cater to every preference. With immersive graphics and engaging gameplay, players find endless excitement and enjoyment. These platforms prioritize user experience, providing a thrilling escape into the world of online gambling. Pre-made ISO images are currently available for both PC (32-bits and 64-bits) and ARM embedded systems. This ISO image can be used as either a LiveCd or a LiveUSB (with persistent user data storage).

GeeXboX Old Releases

If the current GeeXboX version doesn’t work on your computer for any kind of reasons, we of course provide you an easy way to fetch the previous releases to give them a try.

GeeXboX Periodic Snapshots

GeeXboX snapshots are made periodically for our users to easily test the up-to-date codebase. They are directly generated from OpenBricks Mercurial development tree, using the GeeXboX profile, the same way you could actually build them up. These snapshot images are bleeding edge and can’t be considered as stable releases at all (though they should be in a pretty good shape if they managed to build). Snapshots are provided for a wide variety of platforms, including x86 PCs, TI OMAP 3 and 4 and nVidia Tegra2 ARM boards.

These snapshots can be downloaded from our download repository.

GeeXboX Sources

The GeeXboX projects sources are handled under Mercurial, a revision control system, similar in purpose to tools such as CVS, SCCS, Subversion, or Arch. It is used to keep track of the changes made to a source tree and to help programmers combine and otherwise manipulate changes made by multiple people or at different times.

We’ve decided to provide you mercurial with web access. It will help developers to easily add patches and fixes to the distribution. Moreover, you can also try pre-released versions of GeeXboX and help us to find and correct bugs early! Be aware that the provided Mercurial can be modified frequently and MUST be considered as an UNSTABLE release. We won’t provide any support for this release and can’t be held responsible for any damage or data loss that may occur.

There are currently 2 ways of accessing our Mercurial Tree : via command-line or web-access (to just have a look to some changes on a specific file, for example). You can directly access to the Mercurial Repositories with your browser from:

GeeXboX Mercurial

In order to access to our Mercurial via command line, create and enter a new directory and do the following (be sure that you have installed the mercurial package) :

  • hg clone – To get a local copy of the GeeXboX’s Mercurial repository.
  • hg pull –update – To update your local copy of the Mercurial, synchronizing with our server.
  • hg diff – To view difference you’ve made.
  • hg commit -m “Your comment”; hg export tip > patch – To make a patch you can send to us.

Please note the the GeeXboX mercurial repository is now being used only to prepare releases. The day-to-day GeeXboX development has been moved to the OpenBricks repository – most probably that is the repository you want to clone.

Here are the GeeXboX sources. If you choose the Lite package, you’ll need both the wget package and a connection to the Internet to compile your own GeeXboX as most of the packages will be directly downloaded from the web while compiling the GeeXboX. If you don’t want to bother, just grab full source package.
Alternatively, you may also want to directly grab the tarball of GeeXboX sources: