The Team

The GeeXboX team has changed over the years, being composed of volunteering individuals from all around the world.

Project Leader

  • Benjamin Zores (a.k.a ben or gxben): original co-creator of the project. Core developer, in charge of toolchain, Linux kernel and drivers, ARM port, X.Org and video components.

Core Developers and Maintainers

Discontinued Developers

Discontinued Designers

  • Mickaël Beugnier: GeeXboX logo
  • Nicolas Staszak: Boot splash and menu design

Occasional contributors

  • Serge Gebhardt
  • Dennis Roos
  • Ville Skytta
  • Heiko Rutenbeck (bzrudi)
  • Dennis Roos
  • Herve Urbain
  • Mathieu Velten
  • Kevin Foss
  • Arne Graesser
  • Cedric Chaissac
  • Jean Flinois
  • Laurent Peltier