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    Hello everybody, I am a new user. I bought a cuboxpro and I installed the latest version of geexbox. I have a QNAP NAS where I have all the movies and TV series. I shared the library xbmc on qnap because I also have two mac where I installed xbmc. I installed on my nas PHPAdmin to share my library and all works in my two mac (the mac mac connect to the nas via afp Protocol). I read this guide
    I wanted to ask how to recognize the shared library to CUBOX.
    I read that I have to mount netatalk on CUBOX (netatalk_3.0.4-1_armv7.opk probabily) and put the file advancedsetting.xml in the folder .root/userdata….
    Can u explain me step by step how can i make?
    Thanks for all.

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