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    Maybe im kicking an open door but it seems to be that the site is a little bit “not filled yet”.
    There are even links who’s ending in 404 errors.
    As specialy documentation “how to” and build information like: wich is latest “stable” and “flawless” build (wich Nightly build version repairs what error or ads wich new feauture.)

    Or im not finding the right forum treads or we have to ask “easy to find yourself answered” questions in forum’s because of info overload on the Wikipages and google searchreply’s.

    Everyone(linuxnoobs) who’s starting to use Geexbox, or any other XBMC distro for that matter, searching for:
    1:How to set up a new system and all the add-ons thats usefull.(where to download the last stable build.)
    2:How to keeping it stable and up to date. (wich programs for backup, update, or how replacing userdata after update etc, , how to use them, tricks and tips.(backup user data or use of external data storage)
    3:How to set up a remote other then pc or smartphone.
    4: Well there are several other things we need to dive in to all forum threads, blogs and you-tube tutorials.

    The information is available but scaderd around on diverend places and wiki pages and you need to skim through long threads or overwhelming Wiki manuals.
    Maybe just a section of the forum where sticky’s are who have checked for correct info link’s to al sort of information related to Geexbox/XBMC just for beginners and noobs. only the first steps and basic maintenance actions.
    So we are’nt dumping noob questions in the threads wich are normaly filled by expert users or developers.

    Most of the “how to’s” are one’s written not very update intensive i think.

    Maybe im the only one or maybe i speek for al lot more other’s.



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