Old link for snapshots does 404 where do get the latest img?

July 31st, 2016

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    Hello after a long time just enjoying Geexbox and used the updater tool (works fine with Kodi) i think i need a fresh installation because the library is corrupted and i can’t clean or repair.
    Long time don’t interact with the cubox-i with filezilla or putty or so, forget a lot ?
    Try to find some stuff and i just found out: http://download.geexbox.org/snapshots/geexbox-xbmc-imx6-cuboxi/latest/binaries.cuboxi/
    this is gone give 404 not found error.
    This is probably a stupid question but:
    Where can i find the new link to the latest stable version of geexbox (kodi?)?



    sorry can’t find the edit button in the post,

    indeed stupid question: did go to documentation: creating a bootable sd,

    (don’t understand how the “make a sdcard-cubox” file works but in scroll down i found the entry of warped rudi :


    Just a noob question: if library is corrupted (clean up will freeze up because of changed ip adres datafolder all library entries are changed) and reboot by power out in is needed)is there a easy way to replace this for a other (basic) without doing a fresh install? filezilla wil not enter with geexbox and ftp and poort 21.



    Hi Peter,
    that’s not a stupid question; download area for snapshots is : http://download.geexbox.org/snapshots/
    for all platforms (kodi or xbmc, it depends … )
    For development snapshots, a copy of make-sdcard is provided with each tarball.
    I suppose you refer to that in documentation. This file is present.
    If you have no linux pc to use it, you can use the *********.img.xz file with win32diskimager or an utility like that on windows (https://sourceforge.net/p/win32diskimager/wiki/Home/)
    but don’t forget to uncompress the file first (xz extension)

    Speaking about the corruption, that’s because you have upgraded from the gui ?
    We have done an important update last days, switching from eglibc to glibc, so all packages were upgraded. We have tested locally the switch without problem but ….
    Before doing a fresh install, save the content of your sdcard, or (maybe better) burn a new sd-card, restore the ip you want for geexbox, re-enable ftp access (under gui, no problem)
    Then you should be able to restore your data from previous install of kodi, copying your saved/old /root/.kodi directory to the new one



    (i noticed (after looking futher) that the link changed from ../xbmc/… to …./kodi/… that’s why the “404” came up.)
    (but now everyone else can find it also quick;-) )
    And thanks for the info about sd flashing indeed i used win32 before, and restoring library with ftp.
    (need to read in about the packages installation procedure again.)

    About the corruption: no, my router died and i had to replace it for a other one witch was in a other range setup. (-.-.2.254 instead of -.-.1.254) and didn’t know that i can change ip range of modem/routers to get the same addresses for all the devices, (sometime you need to learn the hard way).
    The libraryscanner got berserk because of the failer of nass adres.
    ( i tryed to only change the ip and leave the rest alone. that wasn’t possible without long long long waiting times between kliks. after a wile i managed to stop libraryupdate by startup for music and reboot without crash.
    And video and other folders are new but the music folder i deleted but library cleanup was crashing so musicfolder old ip adres is gone new ones (new ip) is made and added to the library (mainfolder not filled yet to prevent overload) but somehow kodi is freeze up for hours when cleanup music library in syteem is activated.
    ( i can let it go overnight this night to see if 8 hours is enough to go to the end.)

    the system is working but because of shitty router slow and with waiting times. video lib is working so only no music. ?

    I think i first buy a new router, set up the network correctly and then do a fresh image build up from scratch
    of geexbox kodi. ( i also have a “backup add on file” and a clone of this SD and a image clone on the pc several months old im afraid.)
    So after i set up the new router in the same ip range as before the routerchange (and restore nass ip adres i can replace sd and update by library update and hopefully also use geeXboXupdater to get up to date.
    and then burn the latest snapshot on the corrupted sd to practise installation again wile having a working one ?

    The GeeXboX Updater application (i noticed that the icon was changed in a yellow box and arrow) works fine imho , i don’t have a lot of exotic ADD-ons and enjoy the Geexbox as a mediaplayer XXL.

    when i have questions or remarks i will ad in this thread ok?



    No problem to add something in this thread, only if it ‘s completely different, open a new one.



    new router installed and the corrupted image, wasn’t corrupted but forced in errors by a faulty connection (copper pin in lanpoort).
    After restart for ip and changing lib locations again in few minutes all library’s did scan and refresh.

    (kodi 15.2 i think)

    (i do the new fresh image build 28-07-2016 al together anyway just to see what the change is but one sd is running flawless.)

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