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    im very pleased with this Thing.
    But i have some suggestions to share: Installer could may be a litte more comfortable, Geexbox uses the whole HDD and i don’t know how to prevent if possible.

    The second thing is, much Addons would not work, the YouTube- Facebook and more of it will not work.
    Is there a Site to get more Addons? Eventually a “Adult Movie Database” to do the Same as the Movies with “special adult Movies” (im sure anyone knows what i mean)

    Im looking for a Website where i can Get more Addons.
    btw How will it work if there is an update to a Addon available ? Will i be noticed?

    I Hope for some tips 😉


    Greetings from Germany Nissl


    for the installator, that’s true. But what do you want ? another partition for data ?

    did you try to install addons ?
    which are failing ?


    I said it. i installed some addons like pictureaddon facebook or google. facebook will not work for example.
    and yes i thought about a second install of another linux between geexbox or a second partition for data with networksharing etc =)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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