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August 23rd, 2016

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    first many thanks to all the builders/developers of this free ánd evolving/updating mediaplayer and many more if you want.
    The time and effort to keep GeeXboX running and up to date just for fun and a thank you in return. so here it is.
    THANK YOU. ?

    i just installed the latest build (2807 and did a upgrate( GeeXboX Updater stil works ? )
    i have a few things what came to mind and it is more a KODI (the UI) related thing then OS:
    1) a decent slide show of artist when playing music content would be nice as a standard build in.
    ([url=] this seems to work wel[/url] but needs to install as a custom modification.
    All other add-ons (the old xmbc-slideshow) slideshow (Http error) don’t work or arn’t easy to find/implement.

    2)when slideshowing a folder with JPEG and small video content you can’t do both. only video ór Jpeg.
    Most homemade video are bits and pieces around stills (jpeg) like a small impresion not a documentary.
    Now i need to make a slide show with a application wich turns jpegs in to 5 sec video to combine jpeg and video. This is time and storage (eats up 5 times/jpeg) consuming.
    (or i use the wrong player and it is allready functional.)

    3)Sometime after a sudden automatic reboot (a fatal error occurred) mostly self inflicted by doing something wrong all the shortcuts on the bottom of the screen are gone and needs to re chosen in system, skin settings shortcuts. probably also Kodi programming.
    (did a test open the empty log viewer (for Kodi) and it froze and i need to hard reboot: all short cuts gone.)
    edit: log Viewer for kodi freezes probably only when there is nothing to show,

    4) i found out that only one wheather add-on is working (Yahoo).

    5) somehow you cant manualy ad a serie or set of video content witch isn’t recognised by scraper to the library and need this started out of the foldertab. i can’t get it appear in my library.
    (with a movie you can make a xxx.nfo file) placing a nfo file voor each episode is a bit mutch work and it appears in the movie library)

    holiday in
    home made

    (did’t try replace with yet)

    But all these a minor things and in general i can’t with out this anymore, no need for any thing else.
    just a nass some cat5e, a router, smartTV and a Cuboxi 4pro and GeeXboX installed.
    every one happy.



    We are happy is you use it and if you love it. Thanks to you ?
    About your comments :
    1) Rudi or I can have a look about the slide show and can try to package it. (I didn’t look for the moment)
    2) ffmpeg can do that. I already used it for this purpose. Off course a script that does it is more elegant than doing it by hands. Not sure I will add time to package/create that.
    3) Never tested this.
    4) I don’t use weather add-on so I can’t help. @rudi ?
    5) I see what you are talking about. I use a scrapper only since few days. But right now, everything seems to work well.


    Warped Rudi

    4) For me Yahoo also is the only one that works. At least on Jarvis and Krypton (Gotham is another story…). In earlier days XBMC was using “The Weather Underground” by default. However, it seems that the site got too many traffic from non-paying users. So in order to use that service, you have to sign up on their web site and get an API key, which you have to enter in the addon settings. I don’t know if you have to pay for that or not. Also I’m not sure if other weather providers use the same approach.

    For all the other points: I also did not try any of them. At the moment I’m struggling with Krypton…



    Thanks both for the time,

    1) music slideshow, thanks, no need for hurry, it is just a luxary option. would be nice if it is possible.
    (maybe some Kodi forum guy’s knows a working addon if so maybe it can be placed in the repositorylist for easy install.)
    I found [url=]this[/url] and when i have some spare time i test this bit of programming. (just make a new clean SD write and just ad this mod and music to if if it is working then it can maybe added into the Geexbox build img as a extra skin choise?

    2) oh im sorry, i was referring to the fact that the players/drivers for a still(photo.jpeg) and for a video.mkv are dedicated to the folder which is connected to the tab “images” and “video”. i would like a simple videoplayer ( no scrapers or other controle buttons needed) which is started if the slideshow addon stumble on a video file (mp4/achvd) inside the photofolder, play’s this videocontent and go’s back to still(jpeg) if this is the next file. So if you have a mixed content in one folder it can be shown in a slide show.

    ffmpeg addon: i found [url=]this[/url] do you know this site? is this a good place for gathering extra addon’s?
    (i use PSE&PRE13 for making a motionfile of mixed content that is nearly autoamtic but you alway’s need to adjust before “develop”)
    3) isn’t important, i can very quick reinstall the shortcuts if it happens but i noticed it wile stumbling around.
    4) yes weather underground is now api (payed) but im not into how this works but is the “google” weather info not free to use? (Also not a big thing.) Yahoo is giving basic info and mostly enough. but i noticed that almost all addons in repository don’t work.
    5) i found info in kodi forum:

    My TV Episode
    he best episode in the world

    200 where value is the time where the next episode begins in seconds ->

    i need to test this for my purpose but it looks promising ?

    i think that number “1)” and “2)” is the only thing witch is a package thing (the rest is kodi/skin thing.)

    (don’t spent to much time on this list, those are extra’s)

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