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    I’m planning to replace my stationary dvd player to a PC booted with geexbox, however the output on the tv is black&white.

    I’ve checked the s-video cabel and it works fine, the only problem is that My tv supports PAL-D tv format only, otherwise it’s only b&w. I know that v 1,2,4 is defaulted to PAL , but output is black and white anyways, so i guess PAL-D differs from PAL somehow. I do not use 2.0 , cause I’ve read somwhere that it doesn’t support Pal-d.

    as for 1.2.4,¬† from tvout file I’ve read that intel 810 graphic cards do have the privilige of setting the TVformat presicely not just: ntsc/pal/secam, a privilage AMD cards¬† do not have(at least i think so)

    My question is..

    Is it true that nothing can be done to set pal-d tvformat on radeon cards??

    If I am missing something, than can someone can give a detailed (i’m sort of a noob i guess) step by step instruction what should i do??



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