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Welcome to GeeXboX Wiki

This Wiki is intended to become a goldmine of GeeXboX related information.

It will provide resources to easily customize the GeeXboX OS, use it or even help with its development.

Like every other Wiki it relies on the contributions of its users and developers.

Whatever you can contribute will be highly appreciated, no matter if it’s a single line or a complete HOWTO.

The only goal is to get the best out of GeeXboX and to bring to everyone ways to go on an easy way.

Enjoy, — The GeeXboX Team

The basic plan is to collect facts about the GeeXboX usage, its internals and development but also help newcomers with supporting their hardware and giving them usage tips that may not be covered by the official documentation. In a few words, making this place useful for everybody who is doing anything related to GeeXboX. Save and share knowledge.

Image:Documentation.png User Documentation

Image:Configuration.png Configuration

Image:Hardware.png Hardware Related Issues

Image:Developer.png Developer Section