GeeXboX XBMC Platform Compatibility Matrix

The following matrix provides details about GeeXboX platform-specific status when using XBMC as the HTPC frontend. Note that support for additional SoCs and new features is being adding regularly though taking some time. Entries which are described as being KO should not be taken for granted for ever. Reasons for some lacking features may come from either:

  • bugs that are in the process of being fixed.
  • current lack of support in XBMC that will however be provided in the future.
  • non-freely redistribuable content (such as firmwares) from the SoC vendor.


Platform Type i386 x86_64 Allwinner BCM2708 Freescale i.MX6 Armada5xx
Supported Boards All Desktop PCs All Desktop PCs A10 Rpi Utilite Cubox
Supported Boot Protocol CD, USB CD, USB SD CARD SD CARD SD Card SD Card
WiFi OK OK KO OK OK External
Bluetooth OK OK KO N.A. OK External
3D GFX OpenGL OpenGL OpenGL|ES OpenGL|ES OpenGL|ES OpenGL|ES
Video Playback Hardware
Hardware Hardware Hardware Hardware

14 thoughts on “GeeXboX XBMC Platform Compatibility Matrix”

  1. I just tried the 2.0 version on my AMD C-50 netbook (I made a Live USB using UNetbootin), but it doesn’t work. All I get (even in debug mode) is scrambled screen (like noise on TV) and that’s it. I guess that GPU in C-50 isn’t supported with drivers that ship in 2.0 (btw, chipset is supported by current OSS drivers, I have a working Ubuntu installation on the same machine).

  2. @zzarko
    Hi have a C-60 and find that amd software in windows is incapable of detecting the device, in windows 7 I have to manually insert drivers , not sure if the c-50 has the same issue , i’ll try geexbox on it via unetbootin but i’m not expecting anything to work to be honest, i’ll reply if it works , but even ubuntu randomly crashes on my c-60. when I was viewing the device in a gpu information tool there was a strange code prior to the device ID , informed amd about it and they dont seem even slighty intrested shame but true

  3. I would love to have the Pandaboard and GeeXboX replacing my current HTPC. But I need it for playing 1080p movies. Any knowledge on when h264 video acceleration will be supported? What is blocking for h264 HW playback on the Pandaboard?

    BTW. Nice work guyz:) Love GeeXboX

  4. Love to be able to use this with an old laptop to reduce the form factor at the entertainment center, but I realize that’s a much bigger hurdle than making it work with all desktop motherboards.

  5. Running on a desktop with rt2800usb wireless compatible adapter. Current stable realease doesn’t recognize the adapter. Running geexbox-devel-20120223-r13982-i386 is just fine – except for being forced to enter on console, edit /etc/network, force MAC address on IFACE parameter and put a manual configuration on /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf.

    – boot geexbox
    – enter on console using ctrl + alt + f2
    – log as root / root
    – get your wifi mac (ifconfig, e.g.)
    – edit /etc/network and set IFACE do the mac address, set connection to WLAN, encryption to PSK and your wpa2/psk passprhase
    – edit /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf, cleanup all contents and write (your key could be on plain format)
    ssid=”network name”
    key=”your key”
    – reboot

  6. I have a serious problem with this program, I have a mini-itx board with Via C7 and VIA CN700 chipset Integrating the Graphics UniChrome ™ Pro IGP graphics core, I can not use it, hangs a lot, or the mouse pointer flows normally . what do I do?

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