GeeXboX for PC – Install GeeXboX on a hard drive

Install GeeXboX on a hard drive

BIOS / EFI support:
GeeXboX on i386 and x86_64 architecture will leave you the choice between installing in BIOS or EFI mode.
To install GeeXboX in standard BIOS mode no special hardware, setting or procedure is required. BIOS mode installation is recommended for the i386 architecture.
Installing GeeXboX in EFI mode is only supported on motherboards with (U)EFI firmware. EFI mode installation is recommended for the x86_64 architecture. To be able to install GeeXboX in EFI mode you need to make sure that you booted your copy of GeeXboX from CD or USB flash drive in EFI mode!!! Please read the manual of your motherboard how to achieve this. In most cases you will have the choise within your motherboard’s boot menu to start your CD or USB drive in either “normal” or (U)EFI mode. The installation routine of GeeXboX will autodected if your system is running in EFI mode and will add an entry in your motherboards boot menu.

SSD support:
GeeXboX now supports the use of SSD drives which dramatically speed up the boot process. SSD’s with TRIM feature are autodetected. The installation routine will perfectly align the partitions, will make use of the modern GPT partition table and will setup the automatic and regular use of FSTRIM to keep your SSD always on a optimal speed level.


Installation procedure:

  • when booting, on menu, you have 2 choices, select the second : Install GeeXbox to disk
  • Choose “Start installation”
  • Select your hard drive
  • Begin the installation
  • Wait …
  • Reboot



2 thoughts on “GeeXboX for PC – Install GeeXboX on a hard drive”

  1. This option has been removed in latest version. I do not understand for what?!
    This is not a good idea…
    I wanted to install the GeexBox to Flash Disk and I had big problems.

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