Creating a bootable SD card

Connect the SD card to your host system and note the device (we will use /dev/sdX in this document).

Download the script matching your platform:

For development snapshots, a copy of make-sdcard is provided with each tarball. Be aware that the script may change between versions.

Fix permission by executing:

chmod +x make-sdcard

Then execute:

sudo ./make-sdcard /dev/sdX path_to_release_file.tar.xz

If you run ./make-sdcard without any parameters, it will show a brief help screen.


Please double check that you are using the correct device name for your card reader !


Otherwise you might loose valuable data.



21 thoughts on “Creating a bootable SD card”

  1. It seems, that there is a bug in the make-sdcard script – at least, for cuboxi target.

    At “Writing u-boot” stage it tries to execute the following command to write u-boot into the boot sector:
    dd if=$mountdir/boot/u-boot.imx of=$DEVICE bs=512 seek=2 conv=fsync

    but ‘u-boot.imx’ file is missing in geexbox-3.1.cubox.tar.bz2 so this step fails.

  2. I’m confused on the syntax here. I have a Cubox-i4. I try:

    sudo ./make-sdcard-cubox /dev/mmcblk0 geexbox-3.1.cubox.tar.bz2 cuboxi

    and I just get the help screen. What am I doing wrong?

  3. Hello, help please? I need ISO or IMG file for pandaboard where i can download it? I have not other PC with linux and can’t install from *.tar
    thank you!

  4. Hello, please help. The script is on a flash drive (/ media / 8) Do as it says in the instructions:
    chmod + x / media/8/make
    sudo: / media/8/make

    and the terminal says: sudo: / media/8/make: command not found
    What am I doing wrong?
    Thanks in advance!

  5. Hi! I flashed the system on a cubox i2-ultra and works fine on telent, but I can’t see anything on screen. Is there any tutorial of how to enable it?

  6. The A10 image we provide will most likely not work on the Cubietruck. You need a different kernel config, u-boot config and script.bin. Our build system can produce this, but nobody has tried…

  7. I think there is a problem with the script or with the geebox image for Cubox i4pro because after I follow all the steps above the machine does not boot! There is no error message no nothing!

  8. This is not workinhg on Raspberry pi2 . I ran the script and all ran fine but when I tried the sdcard in the Raspberry it didn’t do anything. Ive checked the sdcard and it has two partitions and everything seems to be there so BOOT & GEEXBOX I also looked in /var/logs and there are no logs so its definately not making anyattemp to boot. Any ideas?

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