Booting on CubieBoard and Cubox-i

To boot GeeXboX on your Cubox-i and CubieBoard you will need to prepare a SD card. We provide a script to automate this.

Connect the SD card to your host system and note the device (we will use /dev/sdd in this document).

Method #1: Using a script (mandatory).

Starting with GeeXBoX 3.1 we are using a unified script. Please follow these instructions.

Note that these platforms require some boot files to be located on fixed blocks outside the partition area on the SD card. Our script will take care of this.

3 thoughts on “Booting on CubieBoard and Cubox-i”

  1. I have Cubieboard2.
    Followed all instruction.
    Next, GeeXBoX is not loaded.
    In Cubieboard2 red light. On the TV, nothing.
    Help me! What am I doing wrong???

    1. Nothing. As stated here, we do not provide pre-built images for the AllWinner A20 platform. So in order to try on a CubieBoard2, you have to compile it yourself. But you will probably be disappointed about the results…

  2. Very sorry to hear about this!
    I tried to collect on their own, but unfortunately XBMC is slow.
    Only that he had experienced a similar project: OpenPCTV – 720p similarly slow.
    Tell me, how well GeeXboX works on the Raspberry Pi ?
    And do you plan to do it for Cubieboard2?
    Thanks for the quick reply!!

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