GeeXboX Daily Usage – iPhone and Android Remote Control

GeeXboX’s XBMC frontend can be controlled from multiple ways, such as regular mouse and keyboards devices.

XBMC also offers some very nice remote control API, using HTTP protocol which allows remote devices to control its user interface.

Some iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android applications allow you to control your GeeXboX setup through your personal smartphone and/or tablet.


As to do so, the first thing is to allow remote connections through XBMC network settings configuration panel. Ensure you’ve configured your settings to match the associated picture:

  • Allow control of XBMC via HTTP.
  • Select the port, username and password you want to use.
  • Allow programs on other systems to control XBMC
  • Announce these services to other systems via ZeroConf.






Once this is done, you may just have to download/purchase the official XBMC Remote application:

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