GeeXboX Daily Usage – Inputs and Key Mapping

GeeXboX and its XBMC frontend can be controlled by multiples input devices, from regular mouse and keyboards to more advanced remote controls (including iOS / Android applications). Actually, any remote control that is compatible with HID protocol is automatically usable with GeeXboX.

While the easiest way probably is to control XBMC frontend through a typical mouse device, one can easily use any kind of keyboard.

If such is your plan, below is a key mapping description table:

Key Description, Notes
Any Single character That button on the keyboard, Case INSENSITIVE
O Displays CPU usage and video diagnostic information
P Play
Space Pause
X Stop
L Cycle subtitles
T Toggle subtitles on and off
F FastForward
R Rewind
Left-arrow Left
Right-arrow Right
Up-arrow Up
Down-arrow Down
Page Up Page Up
Page Down Page Down
Return Select
Backspace Parent Directory
Q Queue
W Marked as Watched
M Activate OSD Player Controls
S Activate Shutdown Menu
Esc Home menu (remembering the last menu-position when you return to it)
I Media Info
Application key Context Menu
C Context Menu
Period Skip Next
Comma Skip Previous
Tab Toggles fullscreen modes (either visualisation or video playback)
Print Screen Screenshot
Minus (-) Volume Down
Plus (+) Volume Up
Zero (0) Number0
One (1) Number 1
Two (2) Number 2
Three (3) Number 3
Four (4) Number 4
Five (5) Number 5
Six (6) Number 6
Seven (7) Number 7
Eight (8) Number 8
Nine (9) Number 9
Backslash (\) Toggle Application Full Screen / Windowed mode
End Shutdown XBMC

Additional information also can be found directly on the XBMC Wiki.

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