GeeXboX Advanced Configuration – advanced boot options

While booting GeeXboX, you can change many options, hit TAB when you see the boot menu, then you can edit / create a boot line :

variables are :

  • root=…
    you can specify the device : /dev/sda1
  • rootfs=…
    specify the file containing the rootfs filesystem , default is /rootfs
  • init=…
  • quiet
    remove this to enable some debug logs in console
  • persistent or persistent=…
    file containing the data, without value, default is /casper-rw
  • nocache
    don’t cache rootfs in ram, speedup boot but lock CD/DVD device
  • ro or rootro
    mount / in read only mode
  • rw or rootrw
    mount / in read-write mode
  • nfsroot=…
    use a nfsroot for / : exemple :
  • smbroot=…
    use a smbroot for / : exemple :
  • ip=…
    use custom ip if  you have no dhcp
  • external-persistent
    mount persistent file over nfs or on ntfs disk (experimental)
  • initshell
    drop to rescue shell

One thought on “GeeXboX Advanced Configuration – advanced boot options”

  1. Can you plz explain how to use the external-persistent parameter?

    I tried
    but had no luck with that :/


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