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    yes, if it’s a radeon card (check the results of “aplay -l” and “aplay -L”)

    Else, you have to play with the program alsamixer to see where is the problem


    Great ! it works 🙂

    for the sound issue,
    what returns :
    aplay -l
    aplay -L

    if it’s a radeon card, you can maybe force it adding this to boot command line :

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    in reply to: rTorrent stopped working (cubox) #10531


    Well, let’s see if we can add additionnal time for this, maybe adding a pre_start command, ie something like
    use usb disk && sleep 30s || direct start of service
    I don’t know if it’s possible to still use our specific service that checks usb devices …

    Anyway, it was on broken on kodi (trying to remove the disk from kodi doesn’t work)

    for rtorrent, I can propose the patch but I need someone else to test it (without screen)

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    Could it be that the symlink points to the not-yet-mounted drive?

    I think that’s the problem. That’s why using is IMHO better (no need to add extra time to wait the device)

    No, I did not test that. As said: I never used the torrent stuff at all…

    Sure, I was just talking about screen. Detached screen is killed on logout.
    For rtorrent I have upgraded version number, I’m testing the patch to by pass the use of screen. Downloading an iso via bittorent (ubuntu) seems to work fine fine (download and upload are ok)

    in reply to: [ solved ][geexbox on CuBox] rtorrent and NAS #10509


    That is because the share is mounted read only . Something else to modify… Please, édit /usr/bin/automount-smb and replace “ro” by “rw”

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)