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    sorry, ive still have that issue of can’t acces remote server and ive found no answer on the big web.
    except this: you need to add the following to your advancedsettings.xml:

    <ignoreerrors>true</ignoreerrors> <!– Set to true to silently ignore errors while scanning videos. This prevents the error dialogue box, so you don’t have to keep hitting “yes” to keep scanning.–>
    (This is a 2013 thread)

    Does this mean that the error is mostly a time out error caused by the scraper website?
    Can someone point me in the right direction to solve this problem?
    (i know it isn’t most likely a Geexbox issue more something in Kodi)

    again thanks in advance!

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    Ok thanks for the info.

    ive tryed Ignition, didn’t work, won’t write to SD with win32DI gifs a write error.
    And someone on tweakers emailed with SolidRun developer Rabeez who replyed that there are no more resources connected to Cubox-i and that he is developing something else. Ignition isn’t (probably) anymore updated by SolidRun.

    So i went for the normal way and did total clean install of Geexbox isengard 15.2, 17 nov build.
    And did/stil do a total rebuild of the userdata/library. (kept the old one (13.2) as a img backed up.)
    new install runs well so far.

    Do have a “can’t acces remote server” issue again after first library build up.
    I have the impression that when Storage server (nass) is a bit slow answering this message is popping up.
    And the big library has problems to connect properly.
    Is here a way to extend the waiting time to establish connection with the Nass?
    May handy to build in a option for optional setting delaytime libraryscan. (or is this a Kodi related problem?)

    Is there (will you be so kind to put) a announcement on this site when the new build of Geexbox with Isengard 15.2 including kernel, gpu drivers update you talking about etc. is stable and put on snapshots?
    So we (users) know when we can upgrade this safely?

    Thanks in advanced.
    (keep up the good work ๐Ÿ™‚ )

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    @Warped Rudi: thanks for the link.
    sorry, your right. They renamed XBMC to Kodi somewhere around XBMC 13.2.
    I was in the suggestion that it was the same now.

    And im happy to see (and respectfull because i can’t) that you and others are building/developing Geexbox to Kodi 15.2 and that SolidRun(forum/site) is coรถperating to make this cubox-i/Geexbox forward moving succes
    Im realy appreciate all your efforts to get us users a nice home entertainment device!

    Sorry for the newbe/novice kind of behaviour, finding the right links or page’s is a bit difficult when you not in the loop. (or active in development circel.)

    And thanks for the other suggestion to install:

    i think i will try that ignition-setup one to see how thats like. The other method im familiar with (so far possible) ๐Ÿ™‚

    it seems simple to do. Is Ignition uses the snapshots from the same link as above? (so both ways end up with the same installation and appearance of Geexbox.) Or is Geexbox with the ignition installation somehow different in setup, apperance or installed addon’s?

    And do i need to be aware of some things when doing a fresh installation of Geexbox with kodi 15.2?
    like not use the xbmc-backup files from XMBC13.2 to fast setup of the usersettings or so?
    And just to be sure and for understanding: why build both versions? is kodi 15.2 not totaly stable yet in Geexbox? Or somehow not totaly usable for all addons wich are available for 13.2?

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    Cant edit so:
    1 it is still kodi 13.2
    2 also in this build is scraper problem not solved.(ive used xbmc back to restore)
    i will try later on a fully fresh installation.

    is it the server or the nass server at home connection who’s causes the problem?

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    Ok some update:
    ive flasht : geexbox-devel-20150528-r06f4b2a.cuboxi and gone trough the settings to rebuild my user settings.
    installed the most addons wich ive rememberd (one i couldend find: “Addon-Installer” and that one was very handy) and also navi-x, glowmovie/film but those ive didnt use because of the somewhat worse video quality.)

    Some questions:
    Does the Geexbox Updater addon work from instal? (the previoes one needed a fix) This is a easy one for updating.
    (ive to remember to make a clone before hit the update button, give me less work after fxckup ;-D)

    Is there something ive need to check or change in this build?

    (i still want to try repare the old one, just for training and so i can see wat is changed in my user interface. So if there is a solution please chare. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    hi every one,
    i need some help.

    i did a update today and after a wile the “ok” was visible.
    its seems to works fine but after a crash wile searching for subtitles i did a reboot and now its not starting up.

    On screen:
    “hit any key to stop autoboot”

    then black screen

    after that: its stays in …. some out of screen text and
    ..ox login: “cursor blinking”

    Used a other SD and that one works so the cubox is ok.
    (and yes, the back up isn’t up to date.)
    So i think its needing a total rebuild ๐Ÿ™
    I can’t connect or reboot.

    How do i solve this?

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    @djelementdc: did you found the userdata file where the SickRage settings are stored?
    mine install isn’t working because of the update action in the program.
    The link in the Geexbox homepage is not redirected to de Sickrage page.
    Reinstall or delete reboot and re-install give’s no solution, so ive need to delete the data in the user files releated to Sickrage.

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    Well, another Noob here, ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Is was getting the message on Geexbox that kodi 14 was avaible.
    So i did have the patience to first read here (Before hit the Geexbox Updater button or do a OPKG update and not afterwards by problems :-S) of there any problems.
    @djelementdc: (same here: but not the wife more the kids: they will make my life difficult when my Geexbox is’nt working. :))
    So i will try to make a new flash install and keep my 13.2 Gotham version on the other SD just for safe keepings.

    a question for the developers:
    im glad to read that you have found the time to make/develop a update to Kodi 14. It seems that are some things that stil needs fine tuning according to this thread.
    Would you be so kind to do a announcement (in the announcement thread) when the nightly build Kodi 14 is ready to called stable or letsay good moment to update from 13.2 for the users/Noobs?

    (It seems here that the very heavy changes in some parts of Geexbox XBMC just updating isn’t the wright move now. This is no complain but more a (noob)conclusion.

    Thanks in advanced

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    Well, i can remove and reรฏnstall but it is stil claiming
    No connection to server on
    the other links are working, torrent control center and xbmc web interface

    any one knows how to fix this?
    Where can i remove de remaining data from sickrage after removing package?
    Its seems that there is left some data somewhere because of de initial installation (before i accadently did the web update) did give a set up page and control page.

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    well ive installed it and found it on the web browser but i think ive did some thing stupid.
    The update link in the browser: after ive clicked on it its not accesable anymore :S
    (the moment ive clicked it i was aware the it was a mistake but too late to be correct it.)

    loading error of the page.
    How can i fix this?

    (ive removed with geexbox updater the sickrage package and reinstalled it again after reboot.
    No result
    After removal of the package the link in the browser is remaining visible.)

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    Thanks for the quick reply.

    Im not that experianced so before i start some questions to prevent troubles in my Geexbox configuration:
    I started GeeXboX Updater (wich seams to work fine now a days ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and found Package “Python- Sickrage” in GeeXboX respository
    Can i just use that one (looks easy-> one click action) or is it better to use opkg package instal with Putty?

    thanks for the help.

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    I dont want to fenderbender but “(small)bump” ๐Ÿ™‚

    There are some other distro’s who have Sickbeard running or are just in deverlopertime and its nearly running.(according to forums around cuboxi platforms.)
    But they have there own problems and my Geexbox version is running stable and smouth in all parts that im using so im not that exited to jump over the fence for one small gap in my wishlist. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Geexbox an sickbeard isnt popping up in de google list so do i move this topic in to the “Suggestions and Requests” ? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    Its indeed needed for cuboxi
    couchpotato is only for movies for so far im understand, im searching for the one thats used for series.
    and thats i believe sickbeard.
    specialy serie’s is it usefull to automaticly search and download every time a new episode is posted.

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    @Warped Rudi: The date’s in mine example are just posting dates not specialy fixing dates, and im understand your hesitation. Not every patch or adding needs to be added every time.
    A montly update list revering to a build version is also good.
    As a user i will look into that list for reason to update incase of a error/bug (fix) or just to see of an update is usefull because of some added features or several patches so a normal running Geexbox is just updating to an other stable version and not to a version that give’s some problems because of hmm “not yet tested” changes.:) (now its more a gamble because of the lack of (understandable) info.
    (We users are happy when we can hop from one good working version to an other.And ofcours we will help detect errors or help to improof.)

    All other small changes or special added programming wich are not for general using arn’t need to post in the list/thread.

    So if only the bigger changes or a cluster of error fix’s /feature adding are posted whit the buildversion filename. That is also already a big plus for us hombel users, and save’s a lot of posted questions about updating or not.

    @tomlohave: i think thats what you meen by “rolling release”
    Maybe is every month (12 time a year) or three month’s (4 times a year) a post with a list of changes revering to a buildversion posible?


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    Thanks for the replay; I did have a look (and found your input; and im sure that its crystal clear and readable for developers but for just users (like me) its just looks like program languages and does not give away any clue like what is fixed or added.

    So what i mean is a smal(sticky) thread or so in this forum where in very very short text is explained what the developers like you been working on to make Geexbox the best of all.
    The only thing you or an other developer, need to do is ad a post to the sticky thread after a update or fix in the nightly build. (10 sec work i think.)

    Something like this:

    “Geexbox (nightly build) fix and options:(these are not based on real issues)

    28 aug 2014: unable to wake up after days standby by IR-remote=> problem fixed.
    14 sept2014: geexbox updater gifs script error => problem fixed (add link if usefull)
    29 sept2014: [CuBox-i]DTS-HD MA and Dolby True HD => added to audio….
    10 nov 2014: new skin added.[link to screenshot]
    14 nov 2014:black screen and just audio after pauze or restart movie. => problem fixed
    15 nov 2014: stable version 4.11
    1 jan 2015: …..

    so when i, or someone else, have a issue on the GeexBox, i look at my build-/flash img- or compiling date, read trough the list, starting from that build date till last post and i see my problem and its fixed posted, answere is clear: update! or flash new .img
    When mine, or someone elses, problem issnt in the list: well its not detected yet or its (maybe) a option setting and not a bug.

    again,Its only a suggestion, no push. (im shutting up now ;-P)

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