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    I have a Web DT366 and would like to install GeeXbox on it but I tried to boot it and it wont load?



    what version of Geexbox did you test ?


    I downloaded the lattes version of geexbox


    Warped Rudi

    Could you please be a bit more specific ? Assuming that your hardware is Intel compatible: Was it a 32 or a 64 bit version ? Was it a release or a development snapshot ? If the latter, which revision or date (both contained in the file name) was it ?


    it’s a
    DTResearch Model: WEBDT366 Digital Tablet
    Cisco WiFi Card included
    8.4 inch display w/Resistive Touch
    800X600 SVGA , AMD Geode GX 500
    512MB Flash Memory, 256MB GX RAM
    Int. Flash Module Storage
    WIN CE 5.0
    PCMCIA, Mini PCI, USB,
    CF SLOT Blue Tooth , Cisco (WLAN)
    This unit come with 512MB Flash Memory

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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