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    Hello folks of GeeXboX

    I have been using older GeeXBox versions in the past and tried the new 2.0 today.

    The new interface it very nice and works quite good! It looks and feels great!!
    As always, GeeXBox recognizes my USB-disks and mounts them nicely. GeexBox works even more out-of-the-box then ever before. It took me longer to burn the ISO than to get GeeXBox up and running and playing my first MP3 and movies. Awesome!! Really great job, folks!

    But unfortunately major functionality has been eliminated as it seems. Especially the lack of an installation possibility to an hard drive is a major drawback… As I am using an older (and also back then: cheap made) computer as media center, it does not support booting from USB-sticks properly.
    So I actually can not install GeexBox at all and am bond to use the Life-CD, eliminating the possibility to configure anything (since all changes get lost).
    This is really sad and unfortunately makes GeexBox useless for me.

    Further, I recall that in the past there was some behind-the-scenes configuration tool for networking settings. What has happened to this tool; eliminated, too?

    I hope that those eliminations are just a temporary problem that you will fix and re-include everything in a 2.01 bugfix release.

    Best regards


    The installator will be back in 2.0.1, which will also include a XBMC addon to ease network configuration.


    maybe try openelec from there is a installer, a simple and easy update system, it includes a configuraton addon you can use to setup networking and other stuff, there is dvb/iptv support and all works very well.


    @davide: Is there any road map and time schedule for future releases?
    Is there any time estimation on when TV is going to be included in GeeXbox?

    @k-putt: Unfortunately openelec has a somewhat pathetic installation process that requires booting from USB. So it disqualifies, too, unfortunately.


    No release schedule for now . Ask ben for that 🙂 (it’s quite busy for now)
    But you can build it yourself. It’s no so difficult

    hg clone
    ./scripts/loadcfg geexbox-xbmc-i386-generic

    For the pvr version you should load geexbox-xbmc-pvr-i386-generic
    For your problem with booting on usb, you can try plop boot manager :
    from a cd, you can boot on an usb stick



    @TV implementation: I prefer to wait for the solid implementation of TV in the next version, than hacking it on my own.
    @USB boot: Great, Plop did the job! Thank you very much for this tip!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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