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    Noob needs help. I’m trying to setup LiveTV and can only find non-US DVB networks. I’m running Geexbox 3.1 (Linux 3.10.30, XBMC 13.0, built May24) on a Cubox-i2. My tv tuner adapter is based on the Realtek RTL2832 (DVB-T) chip. In the HTS Tvheadend configuration setup (from <ip address>:9981), it recognizes the adapter. Under Add DVB Network by location, it lists perhaps 40 countries, none of which are the US. The HTS Tvheadend info shows Build: 0.0.0~unknown. Do I need to update tvheadend or can I point it to a more complete DVB network database?



    Where do you live ? in USA ?
    is there any DVB-t channels here ?
    According to , there is none.
    Or maybe I didn’t understand the question.



    Well, that’s embarrassing. I am in the US and there aren’t any DVB-T channels here. I think I actually looked at that wikipedia page a while back, but didn’t have the context to remember what it said!
    So should I be looking at tuners at I’m trying to get channels downstream of a cable box (and perhaps over-the-air), so I presume I need NTSC and QAM. Do I also need 8VSB? Or perhaps you can point me to a very basic primer on this stuff.
    Thanks alot.
    – Bob



    Well, I’m in Europe, so I don’t know what you need, but this one seems to be good :
    and maybe this one :

    Good luck 😉



    Hi brollins,
    XBMC & Geexbox support HDHomeRun Prime air and cable (free & scrambled), think its your best option.

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