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    I’m a long time OpenELEC user and I haven’t been aware of GeeXboX until now.. it seems to be using a more advanced build routines
    and has more moduler configuration and platform support I would like to request that you will consider supporting the Rockchip
    platform more information

    specifically RK3066 / RK3188 which comes pre installed with Android and uses the Mali400 GPU which you seem to already have support for…
    Picuntu is already running on the platform and source code for the kernel is available at
    should be patched for Mali400 support as you already done in other platforms so hopefully it’s possible…

    the product itself is a low cost Android Stick that connect to the TV and also have USB and WIFI available along with 8/16GB of built-in
    flash and 2GB of DDR3 memory product link on Amazon
    for flashing the unit you can use the flashtool provided at



    Warped Rudi

    The problem we have is that we are too few people. I cannot speak for the other guys on the team, but I think we should add another platform only, if there is a developer (preferable one with access to the hardware) who takes responsibility for it. If you want to do that or if you know someone who wants to please join our mailing list.



    yes, if there a documentation for the build system I guess I would be able to take it upon myself ?
    I assume for each platform there is a default configuration for the kernel and default set of packages it shouldn’t be much of an issue
    since all the packages needed are already present..
    just the methods for GeeXbox build system are missing.. I prefer to do stuff by trial and error if possible…



    you can find the documentation for our toolchain here :

    Feel free to ask on the devel list.

Viewing 4 posts – 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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