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    Seems that, accidentally, i found a way to pxe-boot last snapshots without having to flatten the file system as suggested in previous post.
    For our library kiosk stations we need a tftp-nfs readonly environment so, when booted, kiosks find always the same settings and beaviour.

    So, I manged to boot last snapshot replacing init inside initrd with the one from 3.1 version, some minimal error but kiosk boots well and works (in virtualbox too). Then changes from casper-rw could be merged in rootfs.
    Unfortunately this is only half part of the work, now have to fight with the hell of Kodi-EmbyServer-Embycon to build a something like kiosk environment for our movies collection.

    And fight also with Kodi-Jarvis since many skins and addons almost need krypton …



    It shouldn’t be so difficult to embed roofs inside initrd. I have already done that. (mkcpio or something similar …, don’t remember exactly.
    So what do you need exactly ?

    Cheers !



    No, thanks, I’m ok with Geexbox. I was just glad be successful in pxe boot and shared my way in case others need it. Also i prefer to leave rootfs and initrd separated, cos seems to me that embed rootfs into initrd increase a lot the boot startup.
    Open initrd : xz -dc initrd | cpio -i
    Copy inside init from 3.1
    To recompress:
    find . | cpio –create –format=’newc’ | xz –check=crc32 -9 –format=’lzma’ > ../newinitrd
    Then merge casper-rw with all settings i need inside rootfs so are reset at every pxe-boot:
    Open rootfs: unsquashfs rootfs
    mount -o loop casper-rw /mnt
    copy /mnt/root/.kodi into unsquashed rootfs (seems it’s enought).
    Rebuild rootfs:
    mksquashfs squashfs-root/ newroot -b 256k -noappend -comp xz -Xbcj x86
    This part is accomplished … if you really want to help me 😉 create for me a nice casper-rw (with my settings obviously), definitely I’m getting crazy with dozen of tests on Kodi to obtain a correct kiosk-like movie collection desktop.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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