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    Hi all,

    I was searching a small OS for an old laptop (hp pavilion zt1141s ->celeron 1.2GHz, RAM 234M) to recycle it as jukebox.

    Release 1.2.4 is great : Small, powerfull, quick to start and its installation allows to create/select the part.
    Very few things are missing :
    – a written playlist to remind files allready queued
    – a form to custom easily the screen
    – an area to display mp3 icones

    Following releases are surely better, but I can’t use it :
    – r 2.0 don’t allow installation on the hard disk and the mouse lags too much -> NOK for my use.
    – r 2.0.1 the installation don’t work on my laptop.
    – devel-20120627-r14561 installation is ok, but erases all parts and the soft lags. 5s to move the cursor.

    To be fair, there is surely a component badly recognized to explain these lags. Anyway, don’t forget the best opportunity to try GeeXboX is having an OLD laptop and to test it on a small part.



    thanks for the repport,
    video card inside your old laptop ?

    i use an old p4 with nvidia (legacy) card, so it’s tested on such “old” hardware

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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