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    would it be possible to create a package for installing plowshare on geexbox via opkg ? Plowshare is a wonderfull lightweight bash HTTP hosting downloader.
    Otherwise allow command “make install” as it is required to install plowshare manually ?
    It also required “git” to retreive the host modules (not mandatory as they could be easily copied).

    thanks in advance for your answer.



    Hi Juanlucky

    Maybe me could package it. It depends on how many others packages we need to get it to work 😉
    What can be the use of such package ?

    Cheers !



    Hi Tom,
    Thanks for your interest.

    Plowshare is a set of command-line tools (written entirely in Bash shell script) designed for managing file-sharing websites (aka Hosters).

    Plowshare is divided into 6 scripts:

    plowdown, for downloading URLs
    plowup, for uploading files
    plowdel, for deleting remote files
    plowlist, for listing remote shared folders
    plowprobe, for retrieving information of downloading URLs
    plowmod, easy management (installation or update) of Plowshare modules

    Small footprint (few shell scripts). No java, no python. Run fast on embedded devices.
    Few dependencies and portable. Bash and cURL are enough for most hosters.

    When plowshare is installed, you first need to install modules (1 per hosters) with cmd plowmod –install which will require ‘git’ to download the modules bash files.

    It would be a simple lightweight alternative to rtorrent on geexbox !



    hi Tom,
    What about packaging plowshare for Geexbox ?
    Did I answer correctly your last question ?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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