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    I’m trying to install electrum ( and this is the message I had after installation, when I try to run electrum.

    root@geexbox:/root/Electrum-2.9.3# electrum
    heError: Could not import PyQt4 on Linux systems, you may try ‘sudo apt-get inst
    all python-qt4’

    It appears to miss a package. I check on with any results.

    Could you pakage this?


    Warped Rudi

    I guess python-qt4 would be rather useless without qt4 as well. While we can actually build qt4.8.7, I do this only for testing purposes. The reason is, that it’s a *HUGE* package (something like 80MB *.opk for Cubox-i that takes half an hour to compile) and that it doesn’t coexist with Kodi. In other words, on systems like CuBox and Raspberry, you have to exit Kodi in order to run a Qt GUI application and you have to quit this application in order to run Kodi. So as much as I like the idea of having a web browser (besides your’s the only application that would need it by now), I’m rather reluctant to include Qt in our regular builds. Also not sure which effort is needed to get the python bindings to work and if they support a non-X11 graphical environment (Qt Windowing System). I might have a look, but no promises…



    Oh, it appears more complicated than I thinked…

    No, problem guy. Don’t trash your time for this.

    My final goal is to try to mine bitcoin using cubox… ^_^

    I found ‘electrum’ did in php and it appears working fine…

    I looking for other solution via console and not via Qt GUI…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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