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    Hi, ive not bin here for a wile , just enjoying kodi and Geexbox.
    some times i still use the geexbox-updater to upgrade and it works fine and well its lazy button press and wait, but i think there is again a major update because its already more then a hour in update mode.

    Am i correct about the major update? (i think i let it be for a night to run its corse.)

    The banner is still running below and i can still navigate but not exit updater. (That’s normal when update is progressing.)
    So it looks like it isn’t crashed.


    Hi Peter,

    Well , it depends when you do the last one …
    if you can still remotely connect (ssh, telnet …)
    executing ps ax , you can see working jobs and maybe opkg (if no crash)

    Else, you can try to restart kodi, or manually do the update

    Cheers !

    Warped Rudi

    Unfortunately, I have seen a case where updating from a really old version (eglibc) to a recent one on a RaspberryPi failed ending up in a Kodi crash / restart loop. Note that this type of update is *very* big as it affects pretty much every package you can think of. It was not clear, if the failure was triggered by the impatience of the user (i.e. rebooting while not yet complete) or if the update procedure screwed things up.


    (hmm , that’s strange i see post 4 30 min ago, but in detail only 3. my latest response is not visible for me. it is possible my mistake))
    ok edit for PuTTy uses:
    i found some How To
    1) login in Cubox with PuTTy (code 1 opkg update, code 2 list-upgradeble, code 3 OPKG upgrade)
    extra info it seems that you need to backup userdata. (filezilla?)
    replace after update backed up xml and userdata.

    found this also:
    The XBMC Backup Addon

    This is a real quick way to export your XBMC data to another folder or network share for backup purposes. Scheduling, compressing,and having a max number of archived backups are also configurable options. This allows you to use the addon as a completely hands off backup solution. The types of files you can backup from XBMC include:
    User Addons – Addon’s you’ve downloaded
    Addon Data – Settings associated with your addons
    • Database – The SQLite Databases
    Playlists – Your playlist folder
    • Thumbnails/Fanart – downloaded images
    Config Files – sources.xml, guisettings.xml, advancedsettings.xml, etc
    • Up to 2 non-xbmc directories on your local system

    So if i am correct i just can do a “XBMC-backup” start up PuTTy configure, login in cubox/geexbox do the 3 commands and restore backup with xbmc-backup.

    (i assume my former post is visible for you)


    If not here is it again:
    @Tomlohave: GeeXboX devel 20160728 (kernel: linux 3.14.79) Kodi 16.1 Git:8~beac347-5
    last use of GeeXboX updater was 1 or 2 months ago i think. (can’t remember i normally do this one’s a wile)

    @warped rudi : I did it the first time (post start date, and let this updater run through the night and day and rebooted next day in the evening by powersource because it didn’t showed “ok” and it was lockes in updaterwindow but “active”) (after a small hikup it restarted and worked normal 🙂 J so 20 hours waiting should be enough i think.

    ( to day i did a sd img backup before i started “Geexbox Updater” let it run for 9 hours and the banner below was still running/scrolling it still react to my command’s only i couldend get out of updater window because “ok” wasn’t showed yet. then it is locked to that window. I had to reboot by power source and Geexbox did came up normal and nothing showed in kodi log viewer what happend. inly strange thing it showed in log and in kodi events 01.01.1970 (!) wile GeeXboX home screen was showing correct time.
    All shortcuts and other visual addon’s on the screen where still there no settings where corrupted.

    @warped rudi: is it possible that the GeeXboX updater v1.1.3 addon go’s in a “time out” by reaching out to the wrong place (you got a new server) and can’t proceed any further? Or is somehow that “repair” out nov 2014 overwrittn in a former addon update?

    to see if i needed a hughe update the PuTTy list:
    updated source “snapshots”
    busybox 1:1.24+1~5c23f25-5 – 1:1.26.2+1~ee72302-2
    Nano – 2.3.2-4 – 2.8.3-1
    openssl – 1.0.2j-1 – 1.0.21-1
    Python 2.712-3 – 2.7.13-1
    Kodi jarvis 16.1 beac347-5 to beach347-6

    (sorry for the post after post)

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    Warped Rudi

    The updater addon does nothing more than calling “opkg update”, “opkg upgrade”, “opkg list-installed” and “opkg list-upgradable”. But with the disadvantage of doing it blindly, so that you can’t see when something goes wrong or any hints printed out by opkg. That’s why I never use it myself and generally discourage the use of this addon in it’s present state. If the list you mentioned is complete, then about 50MB will be downloaded. That normally should not take hours. I suggest to run “opkg update” and opkg upgrade” from PuTTY. Then you can watch the progress.


    Ok,yes the fact it is running “blind” without any visual action that’s indeed annoying.

    Yes the list is complete and i did a opkg update with PuTTy including full log. (it mentioned a lot of removal of not needed files.) after reboot all userdata was still there. So i recon i don’t need to install the backup file.

    And that PuTTy opkg way is not that difficult after you know what to expect.
    This would be my new way of updating. 🙂


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