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October 12th, 2016

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    after 1 year I decided for upgrade my Cubox-i4x4 and I downloaded latest snapshots.

    Under Ubuntu 12.04 I extracted files in newly formatted Ext4 SCHC of 8 Gb.
    I changed also network file (Gedit) for have network connection after boot.
    Put SD in Cubox and power on.

    Red led in front of my Cubox is power off. I try with the old SD and it is again power on, so is not broken.

    .. and so Cubox doesn’t boot: no signal in HDMI.

    I miss something? I wrong few step?


    Warped Rudi

    What do mean with “I extracted files in newly formatted Ext4”? There are two ways of preparing an SD card for our ARM platforms:

    1.) Download the *.tar.xz file (the root fs tarball) and make-sdcard (the setup script). The script will partition your card, copy the files and – depending on the platform – write boot record(s) that may reside outside the regular file area.

    2.) Download the *.img.xz file (the root fs image), extract it (xz or 7zip) an use either dd (on Linux) or Win32DiskImager (on Windows) to dump it to the card.

    None of the described methods requires the card to be formatted with any particular file system or even to be partitioned before. Note that in the second case, the root file system will automatically resize itself when booted for the first time. This step is not neccessary in the first case.



    I means that I formatted my SD card in Unbuntu as Ext4 file system type.

    I solved my issue using a 3th way: I used ignition from SolidRun website and using it I downloaded latest snapshot. This is a simple but time expensive way. I prefer 1st olution you are suggested.

    THank you.


    Warped Rudi

    BTW, recent versions of make-sdcard allow to specify the URL of a *.tar.xz directly. So if you know your internet connection is good and you have curl installed on your system you can do something like:

    sudo ./make-sdcard /dev/sdX
Viewing 4 posts – 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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