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    I’ve uploaded an iso containing xbmc-addon-xvdr ( and

    is someone interesting to test ?

    0) configure your regional settings (timezone, etc)
    else records won’t work

    1) create our own channels.conf for vdr 1.7 ( -o7 ) (from putty or from vt2)
    for dvb-t ( -ft )in france ( -cFR ) , command line is :

    w_scan -ft -cFR -o7 > /root/channels.conf

    (be patient)

    cp /root/channels.conf /etc/vdr

    (else w_scan –help is your friend 😉 )
    service vdr will start 15s after the creation of /etc/vdr/channels.conf

    2) activate xbmc-plugin-xvdr
    go to system/addons/installed add-ons/pvr clients
    Choose vdr xvdr client and enabled it

    3) in system/livetv/
    – check “always use the channel from the backend”
    – check “enabled”
    – reset the pvr database and confirm

    4) go to live tv
    watch tv 🙂



    Latest version is running well for after deactiviting VAAPI -> as already reported in the other posts.

    But there is still a issue with the button mapping of the MCE remote.
    I think there should be a standard mapping for MCE remote available in the internet -> maybe you can integrate this.
    To my mind the MCE remote is the more or less standard remote for PC’s



    Confirm – running well here also.

    This advice from Tom will get the MCE remote working again:

    “with the last devel iso , you can try :
    opkg remove eventlircd
    opkg remove v4l-utils
    your remote should work”

    My only real issues atm is that reboot or shutdown are sometimes instantaneous, sometimes take a couple of minutes, unsure why; sometimes wlan0 is not present, but a reboot will fix that.

    Generally it’s working very nicely, used the built-in installer to do a HD install.



    MCE remote trick Doesn’t really work for me… anyway i ave to do some more testing.

    But i found an issue after rebooting with XPVR:
    XBMC starts with an error message that the PVR Manager is enabled without having a PVR Client enabled -> which is not true cause the PVR client XPVR is enabled and LiveTV works -> so why this error message….
    Maybe because of the time out in the RUNVDR start script? 15 sec. before vdr is really started … maybe XPVR tell XBMC it is not ready because it can’t connect during the VDR start delay to VDR…. just an idea



    While it was working well on “live usb stick”, I tried to install “geexbox-devel-20111224-r13686-i386” on (another) usb stick but i get stuck on the same error…
    What i did :
    1 – I created a usb stick with iso on it using linux usb creator
    2 – started my computer and, at prompt, selected : “install Geexbox to disk…”
    (at this moment, i get an error : could not open framebuffer: no such file or directory) but it continues
    3 – Inserted another usb stick and replyed yes to begin the install
    4 – selected sdd and replyed two times yes !
    5 – the system run for a while… everything seems fine except at the end I get the 3 followings messages :

    cp: can't stat ' /.root/isolinux/splash.png' : No such file or directory
    cp: can't stat ' /.root/isolinux/vesamenu.c32' : No such file or directory
    cp: can't stat ' /.root/isolinux/help.msg' : No such file or directory
    /tmp/installator/target/boot is device /dev/sdd1
    The installation has been completed!
    Press any keyto reboot the system...

    Obviously, when I start the computer with the stick, I get the “Could not find kernel image: /boot/vesamenu.c32”

    Any idea ?




    MCE remote is working like a charm for me with r13686.



    I am wondering that MCE is not working for me .. only the navigation buttons.

    How can this be? Are there different versions of MCE remote?



    That I don’t know. Here’s how mine shows up:

    I: Bus=0003 Vendor=0471 Product=0815 Version=0000
    N: Name=”Media Center Ed. eHome Infrared Remote Transceiver (0471:0815)”
    P: Phys=usb-0000:00:1d.2-2
    S: Sysfs=/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1d.2/usb4/4-2/4-2:1.0/rc/rc0/input4
    U: Uniq=
    H: Handlers=kbd event4
    B: PROP=0
    B: EV=100013
    B: KEY=fff 0 0 200 108fc32e 2376051 0 0 0 7 158000 4192 4001 8e9680 0 0 10000000
    B: MSC=10



    Same Vendor and Product numbers for my, but doesn’t work.



    @lolo, please open a new post, and how did you install geexbox from iso with dd or unetbootin ?

    new iso that correct problem while reloading channel data with vdr-geexbox

    for the remote : same receiver with different remote ?



    With the new ISO the XVDR addon problem is NOT gone.
    XBMC still complains during the start that LiveTV is enabled but no PVR client.

    I remove your sleep delay of 15 sec in /usr/bin/runvdr, and voila it works.

    I am sure the XPVR addon waits until it is able to connect successfully to VDR and only then it reports a correct start to XBMC.
    And with 15 sec of delay it sems that it takes to long for XBMC and the result is the error message i got.

    Maybe you can fix this… 🙂

    BTW, for what are the 15sec good for?



    i have a saa7134 card that need a firmware upload and if you start vdr to early, firmware upload failed.
    If you wait for 15 s, can xbmx reconnect to the pvr client ?



    The PVR client has no issue to connect to VDR after it is ready.
    It is only the error message i always get, which does not disappear.

    Don’t you have this error message window too?



    BTW, Power off the system doesn’t really work, or takes very long with r13693.
    Over 1-2 mins. Reboot is much faster.



    Just tested r13693 for vdr, once I had sorted out my channel list (to use correct transponders) perfect in every way 🙂 . Only used for tv watching. Though not tested against any remotes. Well done GB team 🙂

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