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    First, i didn’t notice your reply, somes troubles with forum

    for h110p, i build without libav , so ….

    I didn’t notice some troubles with harddrives, we  have a look in coming days


    To build using openbricks ‘ toolchain, you should start from a defconfig file then remove / add what you want 😉

    you can do that with ” ./scripts/loadcfg geexbox-xbmc-i386-generic” (” ./scripts/loadcfg list ” to get a list)

    It’s hard to begin from scratch

    dependencies are shown when you select / unselect a “module”


    No need to erase all your build when the build process stop. You can restart where it stops after fixing the problem, calling “make” another time or ” ./scripts/build pkg_that_failed” (then make if it works) and you can do that even after two weeks 😉

    Now for such support, please, subscribe to devel mailing’s list at openbricks

    forum is not the good place i think.

    Else you can contact me directly , and i would be happy to help you



    hi tomlohave,

    I can’t get Geexbox 2.0 to work on my 2 old laptops: 1-st laptop (Transmeta Crusoe 5800 with ALi1535 chipset +SiS315 GPU and WiFi USB Prism 3 IEEE802.11b) and 2-nd (Celeron 2667MHz with SiS661FX chipset including on-board SiS video). I’ve also got Ralink 2500 USB Wi-Fi adapter, Pinnacle PCTV310c Cardbus and AverMedia AverTV Hybrid+FM CardBus. Can I have any chance to make running Geexbox 2.0 on these laptops? 

    P.S.  Thank you in advance 🙂



    A new build appeared for download. I’m trying it right now. Is there a nvidia opk available for that build? Should I use the 295 one found in a previous build sub-folder?


    Thanks and happy new year too.




    all build done by the bot are now hosted here : and you can found all needed packages for each build

    (edit /etc/opkg/opkg.conf to point to the correct url)

    on , only custom build for a specific usage or specific tests



    Thanks for the info.

    I didn’t know about the change and thought that everyone had to deal with self-building… which I’m unable to do yet at my noob level 😉





    I’ve been playing with latest builds. My problem being the TV setup. Seems like I can’t have VDR to work and there’s no TVheadend client.

    Also, when activating both vdr client, the system just crashes and the GUI can’t be accessed anymore to disable one or the two vdr clients.

    Is there a way to desactivate a addon from the command line or a config file? So that I do not have to format and reinstall from scratch everytime I mess with my addon activations?





    gasp, I forget to add xbmc-pvr-addons on defconfigs. done for next snapshot

    About vdr, it segfaults, I don’t know why right now.




    Thanks, I’ll be waiting for next build.



    Hi i’ve just installed the last build on the system i used as htpc but there is a broblem with GUI (i think).

    The hardware is the following:

    AMD Athlon 750mhz, RAM 512MB pc133, Video Radeon VE7000 32MB, hd 10GB, wifi USB, USB DVB-T, Skystar 2 pci.

    The system goes well with geexbox 3.0 but if i try to update driver with the one optimized (not ati but fglrx) the system does not start and i see black screen.

    So i tried the new build but now the system sucks.

    In Particoular the system starts, but when geexbox logo appears it will blink every 4 seconds (seems that the gui doesn’t reach to start and try to restart indefinitely every 4 seconds).

    Is there something wrong with video driver or some configuration to do?



    It does not start even with an nvidia geforce 4 mx 440 32MB



    I’ve been playing with latest releases for a while. I do not see any changes.
    I wonder if a changelog woule be possible?
    My uses are fairly simple, so I might just miss the important changes.

    Thanks a lot.



    Just a little something everytime I test a new version, I install the nvidia package and get that warning:

    depmod: WARNING: could not open /lib/modules/3.8.10/modules.builtin: No such file or directory


    we switch to frodo 12.2
    logs are here :



    Thanks a lot, as usual.

    On a side note, when I upgrade with opkg update and opkg upgrade, it seems that it breaks nfs access.

    Happened with r16136 and r16142

    Did not try with r16135 as I need a “stable” geexbox for my average uses.



    Can anyone point me out to how I can add hardware support for a touch screen the manufacturers sit is listed bellow. I love GeexBox and want to install it on my boat, I am new to Linux but not other OS’s, I have attempted to fallow there instructions and get (Check user permission) and (you are not supervisor) using terminal, and alt F1 F2 F3, telnet, or point me out to a how to guide, not sure if I need to learn to build Kernal.

    or I would even perches touch screen that’s supported.

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