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    Hi there, I’d like to install Geexbox 3.0 on a Dell L<atitude C510/610.  Unfortunately the liveCD mode and after installation I get dropped to a busybox emergency console. I’d like to post some logfiles here, but don’t know how to extract them. Any ideas? Bootoptions?

    Thank you very much in advance,





    does the installation process finished nicely ?

    if it’s the case, remove your cdrom disc , reboot , edit boot option, remove “quiet”




    The installed version gave the same results. Normal boot gave me just the Geexbox splashscreen for a couple of seconds, then just a black screen with a mouse cursor. It then alternated between the two endlessly. In debug mode it dropped me to the busybox console where I couldn’t do much.
    However, I just installed Lubuntu. I had to install from the alternate CD and had to reinstall the Xorg package manually to get to a graphical desktop, so the laptop seems to be quite fidly about installing Linux. Unfortunately, even Lubuntu is too much of a heavyweight to run XMBC. Only when I turn the screen resolution down to 800×600 I get a stutterfree video playback. Unfortunately the Laptop has a gorgeous 1400×1050 display that is powered by an old Mobility Radeon 7000 that doesn’t seem quite up to the task.
    So I’d like to give geexbox another try. After all, I used Geexbox 1 series quite a bit a couple of years back and it still blows me away what you guys did with just about 15 MB if Distro.
    But before I nuke Lubuntu off the harddrive though, I’d like to know how much chance I’d have to get stutterfree playback in Geexbox without the Lubuntu overhead. The Laptop has 512 MB RAM, a PIII 1 GHz processor and has the aforementioned Mobility Radeon 7000 with 128 MB. Will Geexbox run smoothly on this machine?
    I’m not expecting to run full HD movies on it, but what about your usual Xvid encoded video or the odd DVD?
    Or, can I even get geexbox installed alongside Lubuntu?
    Thank you very much in advance for your wisdom,



    It seems i t didn’t detect your partition containing the rootfs filesystem, or you don’t have enought memory (rootfs is loaded into ram but 512 Mb should be sufficient)

    removing splash and debug, you should have more infos of what happends, at least an error log ….

    About your video card, you can install xf86-video-fglrx once you have a at least a working shell 😉 But I doubt, that with a p3, things goes well. I use and old p4 with a quite old nvidia card. It works, but not to watch hd contents.

    The better things you can do to test is , using an usb key, try to test without xf86-video-fglrx (using mesa) and it it doesn’t work, install xf86-video-fglrx

    If you don’t want to use an usb key, you can always test geexbox (keeping lubuntu) instaling the needed files on your hard-disk an adding a custom menu for grub , see documentation for that.



    Hello, Tom, thanks for taking your tiome and sorry for not responding earlier. Since it seems very doubtfull that I’ll get xbmc to run fast enough on this machine, I#ll stick with the normal Lubuntu install for now.

    I tried various media center apps from the Ubuntu repositories and so far Enna (!) seems to be the most resource friendly.

    If only I could get Enna to download metadata for my movies, then I’d be satisfied.

    Nevertheless, thanks for your effort,

    Cheers, Christian

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