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    Please add back the option to install to a hard drive as I have a Dell GX280 with a 640Gb Hard Drive and would love to boot from it !!
    Or please describe a method to install it and enable persistent data on hdd.

    Thanks !!!



    what happened to w32-installer? I see that the alpha version was installable through the installer but the final version is not. Would you tell me what are the problems with making w32-installer work? Will it be working if I install the alpha version with installer and then replace files with the final version?

    It is very convenient on windows only machine to have geexbox on c:. You don’t need to teach users how to boot from flash or some other way. Even a kid can do it (like with 1.2.4).

    Thank you!

    P.S. I guess drub4dos + repartitioning would perhaps be made to work but installer was so convenient to use… I guess there are only a handful of people that can repartition and install grub4dos properly but installer was very user friendly.


    Next release will add back the installator, albeit in a simplified form. Regarding the win32 installer, it needs some changes to properly work with 2.0, as the ISO layout has changed. I’ve started working on it, but can’t get grub4dos to build anymore on my system, so it could take a while.


    In the meantime can you suggest pointers for a user to run from HDD with persistent data? I can get it to boot into geexbox from HDD according to instructions but the suggestion there to add a casper-rw to / doesn’t work.


    yes the suggestion (mine) doesn’t work. For next version, you can

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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