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    I recently got myself a Cubox (just before I heard about the Cubox-i) and after much frustration (being a Noob to Linux) I got Geexbox (version 3.1) running XBMC.
    (The Cubox operates as an alternative to a jailbroken Apple TV, as part of a home theater, as a media player)

    Generally it’s a neat, and very little machine, but one of the main reasons I got it was to play visualizations during music playback. But the choices are very limited;

    OpenGL Spectrum (1.0.4) – which is less than impressive
    Project M (1.0.5) – which is selectable but fails to output any video
    Waveform (1.0.4) – which is also less than impressive and will likely give my housemate seizures!
    all are set as enabled, and no other visualizations can be added through the Geexbox interface

    I’d love to get Project M to work, but from my limited understanding the problem has something to do with OpenGL, and the fact that the Cubox processor can’t manage full OpenGL but rather OpenGL ES 2.0, which must be enough for the “OpenGL Spectrum” visualization??

    Any ideas on getting Project M to run or alternative worthy visualizations that could be added manually?
    (Remember I’m a Linux noob – so type slowly!)

    Or recommendations for media players that can manage such feats? (even the Cubox-i would that have the same problems?)

    PS Sorry if this is the wrong place for this query, but I’ve gotten no love from Solid-run (the Cubox manufacturer), and can’t seem to register with the Cubox forum site! (have previously posted same on XBMC)

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