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    Hy !

    I have linuxmint rosa in dual boot with w10 and i want have geexbox with persistent.
    I tried directly with the iso (directly in root folder) at first and by copying iso into /Geexbox but i tried a lot of grub lines but i have always problem to lauch “rootfs” and go to busybox console.

    I put rootfs in root folder but it doesn’t work…

    My netbook has mmc and partition is named /dev/mmcbl0p4 (or (hd0,gpt4) via grub2’s linuxmint auto-configuration), i tried with uuid too but don’t work.

    I tried a lot of combination but nothing …



    I suppose you have done what was said in ?



    can you try that :

    copy everything to /geexbox
    add to boot command line :
    root=/dev/mmcbl0p4 rootfs=/geexbox/rootfs

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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