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    Just replace SOUNDCARD_MODE=”analog” by SOUNDCARD_MODE=”hdmi”
    at the end of the file, enable debug output
    ( MIXER_DEBUG=”1″ )



    I have some client-side machines have hdmi some no
    Really let me big head
    Would like to ask if there are new versions later
    I can directly use it? Or am I only use you for giving me this iso file it?



    ok, so do you have some sound with hdmi ?

    if it’s the case, we can prepare a version where your hardware is auto-detected and sound is correctly set.
    So the main question is :
    does the machines that play sound over hdmi are different compared to the ones that use analogic sound ?
    if yes, provide the results of command line dmesg for both machines specifying wich one is hdmi and which one is not.



    Basically we do not use hdmi sources
    Because client-side computers are also an external speaker
    I tested three different motherboards
    Only one normal, the other two in the geexbox set the audio selection hdmi or analog no sound
    Unfortunately, recently busy WanaCrypt0r 2.0 update, the three client side has been removed from here
    Can only hope that the clinet end of the computer are older motherboards, it would not have this problem XD

    I would like to ask if we have to set up a new host in the future, I can only use you to the iso file, the other in the official website iso file is not suitable for my environment to use it?



    You can use the snapshots iso : http://download.geexbox.org/snapshots/
    a new version should be built in coming days

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    Finally, we may allow the client to use the multimedia player
    Host only file sharing to use these clients
    I suddenly felt this was a waste of nearly a month’s time
    But still very grateful to you for your assistance
    I can solve my problem
    Although the final result is not what I want



    Well, that’s not a waste of time, based on your devices, and with some informations (dmesg) we can force audio over hdmi or force analog audio. But you didn’t provide these infos.
    Anyway, problems were solved with nfs mount. Thanks to you to report them.


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