GeeXboX Updater add-on still working?

August 14th, 2016

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    little question, i used always the updater add-on because it was simple and don’t needed a laptop to upgrade/update. And it worked fine after the repair a wile a go. just hit update wait a wile some times a hour click done and finniest.
    Last night i did a update and leave it overnight (7 hours or so) and it didn’t came up with “done” update/add screen wasn’t exitable so i did a hard reboot (text line was running so i asumed the update was done or not done.
    (forgot to make a library backup first arghhhh)

    This resulted in a boot failure so new install is needed (28072016) shell i leave this geeXboX updater add-on alone or should it work properly normaly and was this a hick up?


    Warped Rudi

    One of the reasons why I’m absolutely no fan of the updater addon is that you don’t see what it’s doing nor does it give you an idea what is wrong when something doesn’t work as expected.
    The 28072016 update is a real monster. It will replace literally every package that is installed on the box. Including the package manager itself and libc. So the sheer size makes it more vulnerable to errors than other updates. Also it will take quite long. But 7 hours appears a bit over the top to me.

    forgot to make a library backup first arghhhh

    You might still be able to make a copy of /root/.kodi on another Linux PC and restore this to the new SD card after the fresh install.

    We are actually thinking of removing the addon when Krypton gets released. Unless someone steps up and improves it…



    Indeed the lack of visualisation like a bar 0-100% is given a uncertainty when executed and the “done” isn’t apearing in within a 1/2 hour waiting. a moving bar will give a indication of the progress.
    (please don’t remove, only add a working bar like the one showing when scanning library if anyone can.)
    most of the time it works very well and the other methode with putty is a bit more technical.

    That 28072016 update was probably the hick up (it needed maybe more then a day to replace everything.) so the powerkill because of the long waitingtime did the final blow. system down.

    I did make the fresh 28072016 and the installation of add-ons en personal tasted is going faster every time i need to mend my screwup.

    (i did A WRITE over it so, library is gone ? no problem needs only a day scanning and some sorting out, is a relaxing thing to do.( But i will do a total sd backup/clone after this on a other SD ánd to my pc! LOL

    (just need to remember to clone first and update after…..)
    Like jumping out of a plain: FIRST check parachute THEN jump! not otherway around!

Viewing 3 posts – 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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