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    I am pretty new to linux and need some help. So hopefully someone out there can tolerate a complete noob and help me with this one issue I am having with geexbox. (i use ubuntu on another computer with success).

    I have geexbox installed on my laptop…works just fine.

    The only thing is that I can’t get it to connect to my wifi. I tried the options in geexbox to set the wifi but it wont connect.

    ive seen posts about /etc/network. The farthest I can get with those instructions is getting to the place where i can change the entries…but i have no clue what to change them to or where to find the info to plug into it.

    can someone break this down for me like i am a 5 year old as the other directions people posted about this seem a little above my head.

    I see a place for ssid and my password etc, i plugged that stuff in in those places, but where it askes for gateway and IP i never know what to input, and if any of the other settings should be changed.

    thanks so much for anyone who has the patience to tolerate my noobness. I am a very fast learner when it’s put into a languange i can understand….



    btw im working with a thinkpad x40

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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