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    Geexbox 2.0 on Trim Slice device



    I am using Geexbox 2.0 on the Trim Slice device. I have little bit adjusted Tegra 2 Harmony image. I had to copy kernel and firmware from preinstalled ubuntu.

    What is working?
    – HDMI video output
    – Software video decoding
    – Analog audio
    – Gigabit ethernet (but support seems to be little bit limited, propbably Geexbox is lacking most of the tools which are present on PC image)
    – OpenGL ES2 seems to work, but no idea how to check if it is hardware based or software
    – Booting Geexbox from SD card or hard drive

    What is not working?
    – Digital audio SPDIF and HDMI (that is strange, on ubuntu it is working fine, on Geexbox not, do not know why)
    – Hardware based decoding (but it is also limitation of original image)

    What are the limitations?
    – Two mice cursors
    – Every USB device must be pluged after kernel boot, otherwise it is not working
    – My USB remote control is not working and even not detected, on PC it is working fine
    – H264 video not possible (horribly slow)

    What is not tested?
    – Internal WIFI
    – Bluetooth



    Anybody could help how to solve digital audio output?

    In XBMC digital sound card is properly detected and visible in settings, but when I turn it on, every time I run movie or sound, I have message, “not possible to initialize audio device” and no sound.

    On Ubuntu it works fine (one diffirence is that ubuntu is using pulseaudio, geexbox not).



    devel list is better for your tests / questions

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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