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    finally this is very simple…

    It’s works for me, so i post it.

    1/ in the bios set the alarm for the network card

    2/ download ethtool_xxx_xxx.opk corresponding to the build version of your iso GeeXboX

    3/ connect to the GeeXboX telnet.

    4/ type:
    # Opkg install /”your way to your package”/ethtool_xxx_xxx.opk
    (if you use a USB key, the default path is /mnt/USB \ …)

    5/ type:
    # Ethtool-s eth0 wol g

    6/ and verify that wake on lan is active, type:
    # Ethtool eth0

    You need to be answered:

    Supports Wake-on: pg
    Wake-on: g

    7/ edit /etc/network and type
    ethtool-s eth0 wol g

    8 / save,reboot and enjoy 🙂



    The address in number 2/ is:


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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