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    I discovered an interesting phenomenon on Cubox (Snapthot from 8th Sept 2017).
    Everything seems to be write-protected.

    – Changes I make in the GUI are not stored over reboot
    – Updates (opkg update/upgrade) via ssh/telnet are not kept over reboot – the same update can be applied over and over again
    – Changes in /root/.kodi are lost over reboot (files copied there, files renamed, files modified)

    If I modify a file with vi, save it and ‘cat’ it to verify the changes. These changes are lost after a reboot.

    Any ideas, hints besides a fresh install?


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    Warped Rudi

    Have you tried to ‘fsck’ your sdcard partitons on a Linux PC?



    Hi Rudi,

    sorry for the late reply. Didn’t manage to test anything before my vacation.

    ‘fschk’ revealed a dirty bit on the boot-partition. Did not spent so much more time to figure out the reason due to a freh install of 17.6.

    Thanks for your support.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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