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    Later today I will test it again with a full customization, so I can post the results one single time. 😛


    Well unfortunately the HTTPS issue remains. Anything that needs a HTTPS connection/link is unable to proceed and a SSL error or something alike pops up (I’m always updating the certificates before testing).
    Flexget won’t reach the RSS feed (a HTTPS link), trakt addon wont ask for the pin (a HTTPS link) and my kodi time and date won’t update (probably a HTTPS link also).

    If you need me to do any sort of search logging in my system, you just ask / guide me through it.

    But hey, my IPv6 is there. 🙂

    Once more thank you for the patience and dedication.



    can you upgrade busybox ? this one should support ipv6 (ping6 added)

    for flexget , can you provide some logs (in private if needed)

    for time : in /etc/network file, use ntp servers that support ipv6 ( ours is not ready I guess).

    Pleasqe enable ipv6 in /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf file

    Once everything is done, please, reboot

    I suppose extra work is needed for connman too ….


    Ok I did part of the job before going to work.
    Till now I was able to update busybox, ping6 works fine and I have no package loss.
    I enabled the ipv6 in lightpd and now, through ipv6 tunneling from my work using chrome I was able to get the screen where I can select kodi web, rutorrent and web console, but I couldn’t really reach any of them.
    rtorrent is still having HTTPS issues (certificate problem), same as flexget (I will provide the log later today).
    It seems rtorrent doesn’t support IPv6 (not sure if this should be affecting the torrent link resolution, I suppose not. It should only be uncapable of getting ipv6 peers), I’m considering give transmission a try and see what happens.


    Some interist discoveries thanks to flexget logs…

    1970-01-01 22:00 CRITICAL plugin        Manicomio       Unable to download the RSS for task Manicomio ( [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed (_ssl.c:581)
    1970-01-01 22:00 WARNING  task          Manicomio       Aborting task (plugin: rss)

    after adding verify_ssl_certificates: no to the config.yml

    got this interesting message

    root@geexbox:~# flexget --test execute
    1970-01-01 18:10 INFO     manager                       Test mode, creating a copy from database ...
    1970-01-01 18:10 INFO     manager                       Test database created
    1970-01-01 18:11 VERBOSE  task_queue                    There are 1 tasks to execute. Shutdown will commence when they have completed.
    /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/requests/packages/urllib3/ SystemTimeWarning: System time is way off (before 2014-01-01). This will probably lead to SSL verification errors
    /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/requests/packages/urllib3/ InsecureRequestWarning: Unverified HTTPS request is being made. Adding certificate verification is strongly advised. See:
    1970-01-01 18:11 VERBOSE  details       Manicomio       Produced 50 entries.
    1970-01-01 18:11 VERBOSE  task          Manicomio       REJECTED: <code>|2016| DC's Legends of Tomorrow - S01E11 [DualAudio Eng,Port] [+] [WEB-DL - 1080p]</code> by regexp plugin because regexp 'DualAudio' matched field 'title'
    1970-01-01 18:11 VERBOSE  details       Manicomio       Summary - Accepted: 0 (Rejected: 1 Undecided: 49 Failed: 0)

    So my SSL problems may be due to the wrong date.
    After manually setting my date with date -s (a problem, after reboot its lost), everything is back to normal, including rtorrent and flexget without the verify_ssl_certificates. Even trakt addon asked for its activation (a https link).
    So, the problem here seems to be the NTP servers, I will look for some IPv6 capable ones and try it out.

    Not sure if the limited remote access was cause by it too. Seems quite possible, but I will only be able to confirm it next week, till then I’m searching for good IPv6 and IPv4 capable NTP servers (no luck till now). I’ll update the post with this new remote test and a good NTP IPv6 server if I found one.


    according to
    you can use :

    I wonder if the problem is connman …
    Building a version using network-manager.
    Let’see if it’s better

    Cheers !


    new version with network-manager in place of conman

    As usual, please, enable ipv6 in /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf file.

    No need to update busybox.


    Preparing it.
    network file still has NETWORK_BACKEND="connman" should I change it to networkmanager?


    yes, I forget to modify that, then reboot


    Ok, some good and bad news.
    Network Manager updates time with the right ntp servers. But after the “first boot” where I downloaded some addons and packages (trakt, flexget and keymap editor), now it won’t sustain the connection. After a few seconds, basically update time and get the “rolling news” bar updated, the connection drops (I’m on wifi – wlan0).


    Well, this thing like to play me. I remove the sdcard, manually edited the network file back to connman, just to have some connectivity. And well time is up to date. I don’t know if it will keep updating but it did this time. Not sure only about the remote access. Will have to try monday.


    Ok so the problem is ntp with connman and now a problem with networkmanager (funny about the last one because it works a little better for me with networkmanager using wifi … )

    Can you post some logs about newtorkmanager ?

    about connman, did you try with ntp server changed in /etc/network ?

    I’m away for the rest of the day so don’t expect answer before tomorrow



    I tried both with the same ntp servers. But after this new build it seems that both are updating (I know it does’n make sense!!).
    After letting my cubox-i “rest” for a few minutes, networkmanager got a stable connection again.
    I’ll stay with it for a few days, till I can test my remote access. But It seems fine for now. I will have to deal with the IPv4 > IPv6 connection. This side appears to be set… Will only be sure after remote tests.

    Thank you very much Tom, have a nice weekend.
    I hope not having to bother you again with this IPv6 stuff.


    No problem. And you don’t bother me !

    Cheers 😉


    Hi there. Just to know, has IPv6 been disabled on latest release (september 5)? I don’t recall the version I was using ,but after upgrading to this one, no IP6 address anymore. Not with connman and changing to networkmanager, no connection at all. Quite strange.

    Thanks for the atention.

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