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    Hi, first many thanks for this great big multimedia distro GeeXboX. I use my Athlon 2000, 256MB ram, without HDD. Im booting from ploop cd direct into GeeXbox XBMC. And after 1 week it works!!!! I use skystar 2 pci and some b2c2 DVB-T card. TVheadend took me some time to work (after these updates upgrades and edti pvrconfig then it didnt want to start, but after 5x enable disable livetv and tvheadend it works). Now I have 2 questions please:

    1. I need something like backup or crate iso of my flash drive with all this working stuff…. I tried in my ubuntu command :
    dd if=/dev/sdb of=/home/user/my.iso but it doesnt work properly, or I need the exact same sized flash drive… Pls can you help my how to crate copy of ma flash drive for example to bigger size one? Or iso??

    2. From wich distribution of Linux came GeeXboX. I want crate package opk, to use firefox or some browser, but I cant find any advices on google :-). Can you give me some link, how to crate exact these packages or if you have one to browse internet ( for exaplme in Advanced Luncher) give me link pls. I have only experiance with puppy linux packages :-), is it somethig like that?

    Thank you very much – GeeXboX is the thing that I need for my HTPC! Lubuntu with xmbc, Mythtv, Dreamtv, Kaffeine etc are losers :-). Only GeeXboX works on my poor configuration!!!!

    Sorry my english…



    Athlon 2000, 256MB ram, without HDD …. video card —  Intel , NVidia, Ati Radeon ? integrated into the motherboard or …   ?

    1. if it is necessary to copy configuration files, use in the terminal the mc commander (mc)

    2. never ….




    GeForce4 MX 440 / AGP 8X PCI

    1. To do exact same copy of GeeXbox flash drive, which files/folder do I need to copy or change after crate new installed flash drive with default config? – ok, the important for me is not update/upgrade/enable/ scan again tvheadend end all configuration of xmbc, addons, tvheadend with support of these 2 dvbcards (drivers) and programs and vdr too. It took me a while to tune it and I want to make copy on bigger sized flash dive usb.I had only 2GB, now I want create copy on 8GB.

    2. Never what? Never browser, never opk package, never advice how to crate it or never link what to study?









    2 thank you!!!!, I overlooked it. I tried to find firefox in this folder 🙂  I will try it!

    1 the mc is great (I like these Msdos nc,m602 look)  , but what folders/files to copy and not harm some system files…





    1) just copy/backup  the files to a tar.bz2 files

    2) geexbox is built from scratch using the openbricks toolchain. documentation is here :



    Thaks, great, I will see, if I can help you to test it in freetime! But I have to say, great job from you all!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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