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    sorry i am new in this stuff but im trying hard to understand.

    Cause i wanted to change the mounted labels of my usb drives i just tried to doing something with the UUIDs and /etc/fstab but it seems to work not like it does in my ubuntu system. so what do i have to do to deal with these automount techniques in geexbox in order to change my default labels i got for my usb drives? searching the internet and documentations was not successfully 🙁

    thanks in advice



    I am also not able to change ownership/group of automounted paths



    All the job is done by udisks. We don’t use uuid (but it should work)
    Why can’t you change ownership/group ? do you have some logs ?



    if i try to chown/chmod of mounted devices it does not affect the mounts.

    ok, so ive read through dokumentation about udev, polkit … seems to be a bit complicated.

    can i turn off somehow the udev automount for my usb drives that i can manually mount, set permissions, spindowns, smb … ?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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