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    Now this is a way out there suggestion but what are the odds of getting GeeXboX ported to the AppleTV2 ?

    I’m guessing the answer is near zero. Obviously XBMC is already present on the ATV2 but I imagine there are some who would love to erase the AppleOS and replace it with a more stable/faster linux OS like what Sam did with Crystalbuntu for the ATV1.

    There is an Android hacking scene for the ATV2 that did some work claiming they can boot linux kernel. The ATV2 would a great first candidate media player for GeeXboX to take over and become de-facto XBMC OS for embedded media players.


    I was considering that a couple weeks ago. Though AppleTV is limited to 720p decoding so I’m not interested. I may consider it again for ATV3 (?) if 1080p gets possible though without proprietary libs for GPU decoding (i.e. have iOS running on it) I doubt it’d be possible.


    The ATV2 can decode 1080p H.264 video up to about 15Mbps but it is display locked to 720p so everything is downscaled to 720p.

    The next version of the ATV2 is rumoured to have a 1080p display output.

    But yeah without hardware acceleration available through the PowerVR GPU then that would be a dealbreaker.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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