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We'd like to give special thanks to the and InTouch.Net companies. They've provided us with solutions to freely host and provide great services. Besides provisionning us with free unlimited bandwidth, they've granted us a dedicated web server. We owe them everything. is dedicated to providing the highest levels of quality and service in the highly specialized area of Internet hosting. They provide a full range of services from shared hosting to dedicated servers and enterprise solutions and have been providing hosting services in Dublin, Ireland since 1997. Hosting365 is the current host of the GeeXboX project since December 2005.
InTouch N.V. is an independent Communication Service Provider based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Established in 1994, InTouch concerns itself with providing tailor-made communication solutions for specific customer requirements, guiding and supporting their customers from the initial stages of design to implementation and operational management of network infrastructures and systems. In close conjunction with their business partners, they provide global communication services to their customers. InTouch was the host of the GeeXboX project for 2003 to the end of 2005. Mirror List ...

Besides these 2 companies, a great number of people, associations or companies are helping us providing you the GeeXboX project by mirroring our main server to provide local copies of web server. We'd like to thank evry one from the following list from helping us sharing GeeXboX.

* Free / ProXad - Paris, France
* RelouFR Networks - Paris, France
* Zyrianes - Brest, France

If you have access to high-speed and quality hosting facilities and are interested in mirroring our project, please feel free to contact the WebMaster .