GeeXboX Mailing Lists

There are public GeeXboX development and user support mailing lists. Due to spam problems you can only post to some of our lists after subscribing. As a guideline, remember that HTML mail, top-posting and posting unrelated messages as replies to existing threads aren’t welcomed. Playing by the rules makes the life of those who read your mails a lot easier and significantly increases your chances of getting an answer. Unless explicitly stated otherwise the lists are English-only. If you send an overly big attachment and your mail gets rejected, put the attachment up for download somewhere instead.

Please remember that you’ll only be able to post on lists using the email address you’ve supplied for subscription.

For users :

* GeeXboX-News : subscribearchives
This is a read-only low traffic mailing list used by developers to notify you about new development or public releases of GeeXboX. You’re not allowed to post to this list.

* GeeXboX-Users : subscribearchivesmail
This list is used to provide user support about GeeXboX usage, configuration, installation and so on. All usage-related questions should belong there and everyone is allowed to post to (either in French or English).

For developers :

* GeeXboX-Devel : subscribearchivesmail
This list is used for all GeeXboX development related questions or issues. There is decided GeeXboX roadmap and future features inclusion. It’s the perfect place to learn about GeeXboX internal’s and to submit new patches. This list absolutely isn’t a feature request list nor a bug report list.

* GeeXboX-Commits : subscribearchivesmail
Each time a patch is commited on one of the GeeXboX component, it is sent to this mailing list for all subscribers and developers to have a review and be notified of it. Everyone’s invited to make comments about some patch that might break common usage.


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