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The people listed below is or was working on the GeeXboX project. Thanks to everyone here.

Core maintainers : Aurelien Jacobs, Benjamin Zores

Regular Developers : Amir Shalem, Alexis Saettler, Andrew Calkin, Mathieu Schroeter, Guillaume Lecerf, Davide Cavalca, David Amiel, Nicolas Aguirre, Matthias Hölzer, Fabien Brisset

Designers : Mickaël Beugnier (GeeXboX logo), Nicolas Staszak (Boot splash and menu design)

Occasional contributors : Serge Gebhardt, Dennis Roos, Ville Skytta, Heiko Rutenbeck (bzrudi), Dennis Roos, Herve Urbain, Mathieu Velten, Kevin Foss, Arne Graesser, Cedric Chaissac, Jean Flinois, Laurent Peltier

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Any suggestions, remarks, questions, bug report, thanks ? We'll be glad to hear and answer to what you'll have to tell us. According to your needs, please contact us from the following way.

* User issues : For any questions you may have about GeeXboX ... If you have a bug report, please supply your hardware configuration and the GeeXboX release you're using. Some developer or other user may have the answer to your question. Please note that this is a publicly archived mailing list.

* Website issues : For any questions or problems with the website display or content, please contact the webmaster.

* Contact the team : If you don't want your mail to be publicly archieved and visible by others or if you just want to personnaly contact the main GeeXboX developers team for thanks, private questions, contractual jobs or other issues, please feel free to ask for us here.